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Forsaken Desire -a Final Fantasy VII RPG :: Welcome :: Suggestions :: I'm a scumbag [wear it quickly] - View Topic
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I'm a scumbag [wear it quickly] (13th Jan 23 at 1:11am UTC)
Seeing that the little disciple was getting more and more powerful day by day, he directly blocked his son's light, and his original heart was like suffering on the frying pan. Because of the early experience, the original resentment day after day, he placed high hopes on his son Shao Yunfan, but because of the existence of Gu Yang, the school only knows Gu Yang, not Shao Yunfan. So dazzling that he even became the first person in the new generation of the school. Inside the school, also full of rivers and lakes struggle, Gu Yang blocked the way of Shao Yunfan, also blocked the way of many others. As a result, Gu Yang was framed and identified as colluding with the Demons when a sect organized its disciples to go out hunting for demons. He spoke with one voice and hardly thought about it, so he was directly convicted as the leader of the sect. No matter how Gu Yang explained, Shao Yu did not listen at all, and even insisted on killing Gu Yang to clean up the house. In despair, Gu Yang broke up with his master and jumped into the boundless abyss. At the bottom of the boundless abyss, what is sealed is a vicious monster, a demon, and everyone who goes in, none of them survives. Watching the little disciple jump with his own eyes, he breathed a sigh of relief, but he still looked inconsolable because of the death of a disciple, and even returned to Zongmen for three years. If Gu Yang died like this, the original body was more than half successful, but Gu Yang may really be the son of destiny, in the boundless abyss for fifty years,outdoor palm trees, when he came out again, the magic power is profound, even far more than the original body of this master. As soon as Gu Yang came back, he joined the Sanxiu Alliance, integrated all the Sanxiu, and directly hit the five major sects. As for the master of the original body, Gu Yang did not show mercy. He directly abolished the original body cultivation, and then threw people into the boundless abyss. In addition to the former brother Shao Yunfan, Gu Yang almost slaughtered the masses of the right path,fake ficus tree, and everyone in the whole realm of immortals felt insecure. Gu Yang also proved the name of the former devil. [Ding! Task: Save Gu Yang and build a harmonious Xiuxian world.] Shao Yu is slightly stupefied, in the original plot Gu Yang later period has become lets all people be afraid of the devil, originally in the system judgment, this also needs to save. Forget it, forget it, settle the lottery first. Shao Yu is too lazy to complain about this task with the system. [Ding! Task settlement: task reward points + 100, freedom + 777. Total points: 34701. Cool degree: 597, randomly draw rewards, get skills "integrated", whether to learn?] "Learn it." Shao Yu said. Then there was a flash of golden light, and Shao Yu felt as if there was something more in his mind. Elder Shao, you're awake. A young disciple walked into the room and saw Shao Yu open his eyes, and his face was full of surprise. Shao Yu looked up at the little disciple and answered softly. The young disciple immediately stepped forward and carefully lifted Shao Yu up, his eyes full of reverence, and his mouth kept saying rainbow farts. Shao Yu anyhow is also a powerful elder, how as far as the need for help, immediately refused the help of the little disciple, his face is a pair of immortal wind and bone. The little disciple did not feel lost, large artificial blossom trees ,artificial grass panels, and still kept flattering. In the original plot, on this trip, the young disciple was accepted as a registered disciple by virtue of his excellent dog licking skills. It was also a step to the sky, just because he licked too much. In the liquidation after Gu Yang's return, the young disciple died miserably. Shao Yu at this time also probably understand the meaning of the system task, to build a harmonious Xiuxian world, in fact, an important part is Gu Yang, the future devil. Shao Yu soon had an idea. He immediately gave orders to the young disciple and said, "Call the other two elders who led the team. We have something important to discuss." When the two elders got the news, they rushed to where Shao Yu was. Seeing that Shao Yu's face was full of dignity, one of the elders asked, "Elder Martial Brother, but what's wrong with it?" Shao Yu took one look at him and asked, "It seems that your disciple said that he saw my bad disciple practicing Demon skills with his own eyes that day." Elder Chen's face flashed a guilty look, but he nodded. Shao Yu thought for a moment and said, "As soon as I was blown by the wind of the boundless abyss, my mind became clearer. After thinking about it, I felt that my disciple was usually very clever, and his cultivation was not bad. There was no need to practice Demon skills.".
” "Elder Martial Brother, you know a person's face but not his heart. The Demons always pay attention to quick success. Think about it. If he hadn't practiced the magic skill, how could he have made such rapid progress?" Elder Chen said. Elder Zhang on one side also said, "Yes, Elder Martial Brother Shao, not only did my nephew see him practicing magic skills, but my disciple also saw Gu Yang, a thief, in contact with the Princess of the Demons. They were directly confused." When Shao Yu heard this, he took one look at him and said, "Younger Martial Brother, you'd better be polite." Elder Zhang was stupefied and immediately understood what Shao Yu meant. He thought the phrase "thief" was an eyesore. It was just that Elder Martial Brother Shao and his disciples were convicted by themselves, and they were also forced to die by themselves. When they died, they began to pretend to be a good master and wanted to help their disciples. But Zhang elder on second thought, these people, Shao Yu should be the most hate Gu Yang, after all, Shao Yu also count on the future Shao Yunfan for the position of the school elder brother, in the future as the suzerain, and Gu Yang's existence is extremely eyesore, then what does Shao Yu intend to do at this time? People are forced to die, this time began to pretend, must be to launch an attack to suppress us! When Elder Zhang thought this way, he felt that Shao Yu was particularly hateful at this time, and that Gu Yang was pitiful, and that people had died and had been repeatedly used by his master. The three elders, representing different factions, Elder Zhang can think of, Elder Chen can also think of, so both of them have some resistance to Shao Yu at this time. Elder Martial Brother, the evidence is conclusive. You don't have to worry about it any more. Anyway, people are dead now. It's useless to do anything more. Elder Chen said. Shao Yu was very strong at this time and said, "It's not your apprentice who died. Of course, it's easy for you to stand and talk." See Shao Yu so repeatedly, and because he is the leader of the three, the other two people have no way, had to change the disciples again, retrial Gu Yang collusion with the Demons. Shao Yu directly sat on the main seat,silk olive tree, full of momentum, directly pressed the two young disciples out of breath. Younger disciples, how can they withstand the pressure of Shao Yu.
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