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Forsaken Desire -a Final Fantasy VII RPG :: Welcome :: Suggestions :: After soaring - View Topic
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After soaring (13th Jan 23 at 1:11am UTC)
But in the blink of an eye, the dark emperor had already made a decision, and his palms blasted at the silver-robed man on the side. At the same time, his whole body was robed, and he made a steely sound, ready to be slapped by the proud cold smoke. The dark emperor's reaction is not fast, but the silver robe man's reaction is faster, far before the dark emperor turned around and freed his hand, the silver robe man had already crashed into the dark emperor's arms like a meteor. Ah! The dark emperor suddenly screamed, and from his back, countless bright swords burst out dozens of feet away. At first glance, the dark emperor seemed to have been pierced by countless long swords. The dark emperor's two eyes were wide open, as if he could not believe the man in front of him, and the outstretched hands could no longer move forward. Ao Hanyan's blood-stained lips were also wide open, as if he could not believe that the dark emperor would be so easily subdued by the silver-robed man. Among the emperors, I have no rivals! I'm not afraid of a god-level man! The silver-robed man stood tall, holding high the dark emperor's cold way, his expression was overbearing and insolent for a moment, his voice was flat, but it revealed convincing strength. Emperor! On the other side, a demon-level figure, with hundreds of people flying, saw the scene, immediately surprised: "put down the emperor!" " Then burst, the silver robe man suddenly turned his head, under the broad left robe,faux grass wall, a palm pushed out, hundreds of feet away, the hundreds of people in the demon domain suddenly like a heavy blow, the black robe on the body in this moment like being demonized, reduced to the silver robe man's killer! Ah! A scream came, the hundreds of magic soldiers suddenly stopped in the air, from behind them, a cluster of sword-shaped stretch out of the old long, it is the robes they wear, from the front heart,faux ficus tree, has been penetrated to the back heart. As soon as the silver-robed man waved his hand, the hundreds of figures, one by one like broken kites, exploded into several hundred-foot high mountains in the distance, and there was no movement for a long time. Careful Ao Hanyan gave a sudden cry of surprise. When the man in the silver shirt turned around, he saw the dark emperor grinning grimly, his fists filled with magic, and his purple and black lightning blasted into the chest of the man in the silver robe, as if he wanted to perish together. Ao cold smoke heart all mentioned the throat, want to rescue is too late, the master only fight for a moment, a blink of an eye time, also enough to happen a lot of things. When Ao Hanyan was too careless for the man in silver robe and was about to be attacked by the dark emperor, suddenly the cloak on the head of the man in silver robe swayed. Suddenly looked up, from the direction of the proud cold smoke, but can not see his face, can only see the side, the face is covered by a silvery cloak. Ah! Just when the dark emperor's hands were less than a few inches away from the silver-robed man. Ao Hanyan suddenly felt the powerful and amazing spike of consciousness passing through the void, large ficus tree ,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, which seemed to burst out of the eyes of the silver-robed man, and then heard the dark emperor's body as if it had been hit hard, shaking violently all over his body, and then a blue figure came out from behind him and threw back like a broken kite. The body in the air then spurts out a blue mist, then the body quickly fades, disappears. With a wave of his big hand, the dark emperor's soft body was thrown aside by him. As soon as he moved, he was about to chase the place where the shadow disappeared when he heard a pleasant woman's voice in his ear: "Thank you for saving my life. The little girl is proud of the cold smoke and adds to the snow saint.". "I don't know if I can get your name. I'll report it later." The silver-robed man looked up, but the blue figure had disappeared, so he stopped and turned around. Seeing Ao Hanyan bending his knees, he said with a smile, "I don't dare to be called a senior. It seems to be twenty thousand years since we met last time.". I don't want the girl to forget me so soon! Ao Hanyan looked puzzled: "Yes, senior!" "Two years ago, Sword Domain." You are the Emperor of Swords! Fengyun Mowgli! Ao Hanyan's beautiful face showed a frightened expression, how can I not think that in such a short time, Fengyun Mowgli is already strong, whether it is just a virtual palm, using the robes of the disciples of the Demon Domain, with the imperial clothes instead of the sword, and piercing them one by one, or a blow to kill the dark emperor in his body, which shows that the name is in a hurry. The man who did not care has made amazing progress. Yes, I am Fengyun Mowgli.
"The silver-robed man smiled faintly and then folded his fists." Those disciples of the Demon Domain have all lost their fighting capacity. They don't pose any threat now. I'm leaving! " Then he flew away, turning into a tortuous lightning in the air and disappearing without a trace. Ao Hanyan stretched out his arm, as if to stop Fengyun Mowgli, thought about it, or took it back, stood in place with his lips pursed, looking at the place where Fengyun Mowgli disappeared, his eyes were at a loss, not knowing what he was thinking. In the distance, Fengyun Mowgli followed the light magic gas left in the air all the way, but soon disappeared. Even the dark emperor's doppelganger has been occupied by him. How strong is this demon? Fengyun Mowgli stood in the sky above a forest, swinging his head from side to side. The divine consciousness swept a circle, the wind and cloud Mowgli immediately toward the northwest direction, thousands of miles blink, in hundreds of thousands of high mountains, the shadow, there are magic domain, there are knife domain, more is the free faction of people, as many as nearly ten thousand people floating in the void, surrounded by a group. From a distance, seeing Fengyun Mowgli coming, someone shouted, "Who is he?"? Give me your identity! As soon as Fengyun Mowgli's right hand was spread out, a gallbladder-shaped object in the palm of his hand dripped and turned, and in the blink of an eye, it extended to form a three-foot black sword. As soon as Fengyun Mowgli threw his right wrist, the sword turned around in his hand and sent out a dazzling light. With a flick of his left finger, a buzzing sound of the sword spread far away. Sword Emperor! "Emperor Jian!" A free faction of people bow their heads and get out of the way, Fengyun Mowgli's clothes flutter, fall from the air, the crowd automatically get out of the way, Fengyun Mowgli then strode in. In the eyes of the free faction, Fengyun Mowgli can also be regarded as a myth of the free faction. In the original division, those who do not belong to the Snow Domain,silk ficus tree, the Demon Domain, the Knife Domain and the Nine Sorcery Clan are the people of the Free Faction, and Fengyun Mowgli obviously belongs to this category.
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