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Forsaken Desire -a Final Fantasy VII RPG :: Welcome :: Suggestions :: The First Mouth in the Realm of Cultivation - View Topic
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The First Mouth in the Realm of Cultivation (13th Jan 23 at 1:11am UTC)
With this decision, in the next period of time, Ning Qing and Ning Gousheng are mainly looking for the red sun dew pole wood, meet the realm of the right monster will come forward to try, but also fight, but run, do not continue to fight at all. The guerrilla war was so fierce that several places in the middle of the dusk mountain were full of chickens flying and dogs jumping, but Ning Qing was as slippery as a loach. The monster who had suffered losses could not get justice on the spot. He wanted to fight again later, but when he saw the rest of the dog, he had to think about it. He had to eat the loss honestly. At least his life was still there. Ning Qing: If you suffer a loss, don't drink water, or you will become a capital dirty. Satirical words open mouth to come, this ability to pull hatred is too strong, the attention of the monsters focused on Ning Qing, simply can not pull apart. They have never seen such a bully beast, killing and flirting, but harassment, with a God behind them, let them want to resist well, this beast is still hopeful? The rest of the dog does not care what they think,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, the three views are crooked, he is absolutely nothing, as long as the master is happy. Especially when the owner was angry only a few days ago. Will I be unhappy if I know to say that about me at this time? Ning Qing seemed to smile and said, "Why can't I remember this time before?" The dog still tries to keep a straight face and tell the truth, but the red on the tip of his ears still betrays him: "I have been restrained." According to Ning Goushou's idea, his first reaction to such a thing must be to slaughter all the monsters in that area to vent his anger on his master, rather than first expressing concern with his master. He found the idea as natural as if he had actually done it before. Had it not been for his intuition that Ning Qing would not like his behavior,outdoor ficus tree, he would have put it into practice. Some feel guilty to move away from the eyes, rather the dog left dare not let Ning Qing know what he had thought. He had a premonition that once Ning Qing knew it, he would scold him again, and maybe he would hate him. He finally got the master's favor, will not be sad because of the master's cold treatment, do not want to go back to the past days. The days of loving each other with the master are more comfortable than ever. When Ning Gousheng thought of this festival, his eyes shone unconsciously, and Ning Qing's heart and liver trembled with a small appearance. He could not make a fierce appearance, and immediately felt a sweet burden. My sword spirit is cute and good, and can act like a spoiled child. Although there are some minor problems, it can be completely ignored. It is worthy of the title of "other people's sword spirit" which has ten thousand points of lethality. The little man in his heart covered his chest and fell down with a dreamy expression, and the smile on Ning Qing's face became real and gentle, and with that elegant handsome face, he did not know whose eyes had been shaken. His rare tone is incomparably soft: "So irascible but no good, artificial plant wall panels ,large palm trees for sale, your temper to suppress a pressure." The rest of the dog nodded lightly, still a little embarrassed in his eyes. The two men had a meal in a good atmosphere, and were thinking that there was still a month to go before Xiaobi, and that they could find a few more days of red sun dew, when suddenly they received a letter from the Flying Sword. Ning Qing looked roughly, and sure enough, it was Ye Haoyuan who sent it to him. The letter mainly said two things: one was to tell him that Shao yuan's senior officials had sent reliable people to take over the matter, and Shao yuan's body had been taken away, so Ning Qing should not get involved in this matter for the time being, as if he did not know; the other was to angrily condemn Ning Qing's sinister behavior of not putting the flow of fireflies on the body and insisting on sending him a letter with a flying sword, and then questioned Ning Qing about what he wanted to throw the pot to him. So garrulous a big article, in fact, not a few useful words, only at the end of the letter as if inadvertently ordered a small than to arrive, Ning Qing should prepare something suitable for himself. Looking at a small bag of Lingshi presented with the Flying Sword, Ning Qing took the hint and accepted it without hesitation. He turned to Ning Gousheng and said, "Why don't we go to the city and try our luck?" The author has something to say: small theater: The scene when Ye Haoyuan received the body of the firefly that had been patted flat: The body of a glittering and translucent firefly, like a blood firefly, fell. Ye Haoyuan did not react a little. When he looked carefully, he found that it was an insect.
Remembering what he had eaten, Jindan Zhenren turned blue and roared far away from the cave: "Ning Qing, you little bastard, what kind of pot are you going to throw at me again?" Disciples of Haojun Peak: "We are relieved to see that the real person is so energetic today." A real person who was preparing to visit Ye Haoyuan heard this and suddenly showed a meaningful smile. Vitality, of course, is a good thing. Chapter 41 the poor way is back. Ning did not see the contents of the letter, but he also knew that it must be what Ye Haoyuan said that Ning Qing would suddenly change his mind and plan to go down the mountain now. Thinking for a moment, Ning Goushou did not object to this proposal, not only because Ye Haoyuan's letter may have suggested something inside, but also because the environment of the evening sky mountain is too strange, there seems to be a pure natural array everywhere, but also a partial negative array. Even if the evening sky mountain is man-made, the landscape vegetation can not be planted a little bit. As soon as the mountain builder sows the seeds, he will know the probability of forming a formation by chance and how many strange things are in it. Ning dog left generally will not hide Ning Qing, especially a look is not quite right, he is afraid to hide, afraid of what he can not think of dragging Ning Qing hind legs. He told Ning Qing the results of his careful observation these days, and sure enough, he saw Ning Qing frowning. The wind in his eyes swept through the silent woods. Ning Qing hesitated for a moment. Remembering the words in the Zongmen manual, he immediately stood up and walked back and forth a few steps: "Zongmen should know about this.". Originally, there was a legend that the mountain in the twilight was created by the great energy, but I really didn't think that the great energy was so idle before, not only pulling up a mountain on the flat ground by means of means, but also dressing up the mountain carefully. Said Ning Qing couldn't help but have a little smile, eyebrows and eyes are stretched a lot: "No one knows what the Great Power did eight million years ago,decorative palm trees, in addition to the terrain, there is no other, perhaps this Great Power likes to play with dolls." Ning Goushou did not agree with Ning Qing's guess: "What the master said.." Maybe even you can't convince yourself. 。
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