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Military Marriage "Reborn Military Marriage Jiang (13th Jan 23 at 1:10am UTC)
It has to be admitted that no matter how strong the water is on land, it is still a disgrace, especially when diving to a certain depth, the strong water pressure comes from all sides, and the chest seems to be crushed, the fear of discomfort and the body's instinctive defense is still very worrying. Diving at the bottom of the sea, the sun is shining, you can see beautiful coral reefs, and groups of sea fish swim by, Jin Xi thought it was quite enjoyable, but when the depth continued to move down, the discomfort slowly came up. But these are not as good as the tension and anxiety that Jiang Hanlin brought to her when she was pulled up. Looking at his moves during the grappling, she believed that the guy's wound had indeed healed, but when he reached the bottom of the water under the action of water pressure, the healthy human body felt uncomfortable, not to mention the initial recovery of serious injuries. But at this time, she has to continue training, and she can only be worried. Her mood fluctuated and her heart rate level was abnormal. The swordfish beside her made a gesture to her and asked if she could hold on. She withdrew her mind, nodded, and soon calmed down. Originally, the swordfish thought that her limit threshold had been reached, but she did not want to stabilize her state after a while,juice filling machine, and looked unhurried, not impatient. Awesome, a female soldier, unexpectedly the psychological quality is so good! When they dived to such a depth for the first time, several of them were so frightened that they felt weak after landing and thought they had almost sunk to the bottom of the sea. Don't blame the tiger shark for getting angry. They've been training for two years, just like a female soldier from the army. They don't need the captain to get angry. They all feel ashamed. Look, at the end of the day, everyone talks less,liquid bottle filling machine, and everyone is reflecting on themselves. As night fell, the waves still lapped against the shore. Two military doctors from the base gave Jiang Hanlin a comprehensive examination, and the blue whale personally supervised him. Looking at Jiang Hanlin's strong but not rough tall and straight body with many scars, he was more and more sure that this was a veteran who had carried out a mission, and it was definitely not a two-handed show on the training ground and the exercise ground. At this point, he had the same idea as the tiger shark. I'm afraid the blood shadow of the fangs has already admitted these two people and sent them to the Navy, because they feel that their potential is far from being fully developed, so they continue to dig deep! Long heard how powerful fangs, each is a sharp knife, each is the king of all-round soldiers, and fangs captain Qin Huai Mu is the king of soldiers. Now that the two "little soldiers" with fangs are so powerful, the ability of those veterans can not be underestimated. No wonder, Jiaolong has been established for almost two years, the higher authorities do not allow the team members to leave the country to carry out tasks, they have always felt that their soldiers are brave enough to fight, now a comparison to know the gap ah. Seeing that the military doctor had put away all kinds of medical instruments, bottle blowing machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, the Blue Whale gathered his eyes slightly and asked intently, "What was the result of the examination?" Chapter 824 the lieutenant's bottom was rejected. The military doctor stood at attention and reported in a loud voice: "This second lieutenant Comrade is in good health. The wound scar is smooth and has completely healed. There is no sign of cracking.". However, considering the fracture of ribs, deep diving training is not recommended for the time being, so as to avoid secondary trauma to the newly healed ribs caused by excessive water pressure. The rest of the training, as long as the second lieutenant comrades feel that the body can bear, in theory, there is no problem. Blue whale saw Jiang Hanlin one eye, in the heart because of the military doctor's words relaxed many. Although they are not from the navy, the mood after discovering the excellent soldiers is the same-I hope to see his ability and explore the bottom! It would be a pity if he could not continue the next task because of his physical injury. Well, it's all right. Please come here. "The chief is polite!" The two military doctors quickly packed up the medical equipment and saluted with two big medical boxes on their backs. "Chief, if there's nothing else, we'll go first." "All right, take care." Turned around to send the military doctor, and when the blue whale came back, Jiang Hanlin had already sat up and put on the naval training uniform. His eyes narrowed slightly, and the blue whale asked unintentionally, "How did the wound come about?" Jiang Hanlin put on his training clothes, picked up his training cap and put it on. Wen Yan calmly explained: "There was an accident during the training." Training? The blue whale sneered in his heart, thinking that the boy had a strong sense of confidentiality, and that he obviously could not ask anything about this inquiry.
Jiang Hanlin, of course, also knew what the lieutenant in front of him suspected, so he seemed to have no intention of asking, although they all belonged to the mysterious army, according to the specifications, they were at the same level, but after all, they belonged to different services, and secrecy was the first principle. Their comrades-in-arms in Fangs are still tight-lipped about their missions, not to mention Fangs. Instructor, my body is all right. Can I continue to participate in the next training? The blue whale took one look at him and nodded: "Except for the suspension of deep diving, the rest of the training is going on normally. You should do what you can. You should report your physical discomfort in time." "Yes, I understand!" Afternoon training is over, Jin Xi came back to find Jiang Hanlin for the first time, thinking that something had happened to him. Fortunately, she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the tall and straight figure coming behind the lieutenant in the distance. When the team assembled, Tiger Shark made a brief summary of the training in the afternoon. At the end of the voice, he suddenly aimed his eyes at the only female soldier present. His cold and neat voice was still very penetrating in the sea breeze: "Raksha's performance today is believed to put many veterans to shame. If you train a few more times, I'm afraid your specialty project will be stolen by others. When the time comes --" At that time, the following words did not continue, but everyone read the meaning of danger from the tone of the sudden pause. Indeed, this female soldier from the army is so awesome! They wouldn't have believed it if they hadn't seen it with their own eyes! The praise caught Jin Xi off guard and she was slightly stupefied. She was embarrassed to correct: "Captain, I am also a veteran." Besides, he must be older than some comrades in the Navy! The team was disbanded, and Jin Xi went to Jiang Hanlin for the first time. Comely eyebrows and eyes can not hide fatigue, the same can not hide the thick worry and anxiety, but the occasion is inconvenient, she silently looked at the frogmen who walked away,Edible oil filling machine, then took back the line of sight and asked the man softly: "What's going on?"? Is the wound open? Did you check it properly? If your body can't bear it, you must not hold on. Chapter 825 Nvxia, spare my life and don't be modest.
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