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Forsaken Desire -a Final Fantasy VII RPG :: Welcome :: Suggestions :: Dragon from heaven and tiger from earth - View Topic
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Dragon from heaven and tiger from earth (13th Jan 23 at 1:09am UTC)
Ren Baoling promised and hurried away. The Thunder and Fire Taoist smiled and said to Guo Feihong, "In the past, I had the name of'Thin Buddha and Beautiful Way 'with Brother Yunhai Buddha, and I had a friendship with him. I think this old Buddha probably knew that I was hiding here, so he intended to give you a gold market order to urge me to come forward." As he spoke, he burst out laughing, as if he had suddenly realized the truth. He rubbed his hands together and said, "I admire you!"! Admire! "How can you see a real person?" Asked Kuo Fei-hung. The Thunder and Fire Taoist shook his head and said with a sigh, "Young man, how do you know? Today, apart from Brother Yunhai Buddha, no one can be the opponent of those two old monsters. If you want to find one more person, there will be no one else in the world who gives up the poor way. So the old man of Yunhai's gold market order really has no other purpose except to urge the poor way to come forward. That's not good." The wonderful thing is that he was able to know in advance that the poor way and the double monster were here for a while. "So it seems that Brother Yunhai Buddha's Bodhi divination is better than my deus ex machina!" Guo Feihong was said by him, and then think carefully, it is not unreasonable, the intentions of the old man in the sea of clouds may be true. At this point, the Thunder and Fire Taoist sighed and said, "Sea of clouds, sea of clouds!"! It's not convenient for me to ignore your business, but in this way, I have broken my foundation for ten years. How can you compensate me for this loss? When Guo Feihong heard this, he exclaimed, "There's no need for a real person to intervene. It's up to the disciple to take care of himself." The Thunder and Fire Taoist shook his head and said with a deep sigh, "How do you know how powerful these two old monsters are? Since the Sea of Clouds is inferior to you in catching the murderer,ultrasonic cutting machine, naturally you are not weak in martial arts. It's just that you are two against one. You are no match for them. I didn't know it just now. Since I know you are inferior to the Sea of Clouds, how can I stand by and do nothing?" Frowning, the Taoist, who had devoted himself to seclusion and penance, stood up slowly, stepped off the futon, and took a few steps forward. Kuo Fei-hung felt very sorry and asked, "How are you going to deal with them?" The Thunder and Fire Taoist snorted, "I have my own way!" By this time,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, Ren Baoling had already come back and replied, "All the formations have been started, but there is no sign of the two old monsters." The Thunder and Fire Taoist laughed and said, "Do you think the two of them are so easily fooled?"? To be honest, my thunder and fire array can trap others, but it's impossible to trap these two monsters! After a pause, the Taoist clapped his hands and said, "Come, you two, come with me. Let's see where they are first." Walking out of the stone room, the Thunder and Fire Taoist pointed to the stone wall and said, "Baoling, do you still remember the way to open the wall?" Ren Baoling was stunned for a moment and then said, "I don't remember very clearly." "Of course." "It hasn't been opened for ten years," said the Taoist with a smile. With these words, he stepped down to the wall, opened his hands, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, lightly pressed the upper and lower corners of the stone wall, stepped back, and raised his palm to the wall. Immediately, a lot of white smoke came out from all sides, and the stone wall opened with a sound. Kuo Fei-hung was very curious about this, and was especially puzzled by the fact that there were so many clouds and mists in all the facilities in the cave. The Thunder and Fire Taoist slanted his head and looked at him and said with a smile, "Don't think that these white smokes are a camouflage. They are all clouds and mists picked by the poor Taoist himself at dawn and dusk. If you seal the cave with them, you won't worry about outsiders peeping through them!" The white fog that rolled out immediately filled the cave, and for a time the three of them felt that they were in the clouds, and Guo Feihong could not help but secretly marvel. At this time, the Thunder and Fire Taoist took the lead in stepping into the open wall. Ren Baoling and Guo Feihong also went in, only to see the white stone ladder in front of them, which looked like a long dragon hanging in the sky. The thunder and fire Taoist led the two of them up the stone steps. Guo Feihong immediately felt a chill on his body, and the wind blowing from all around made his clothes dance. At the top of the stone steps, a platform with a size of twenty feet square is formed. At this time, the wind outside is even stronger. Fortunately, everyone has a very high internal strength, otherwise they will be blown down by the wind. White clouds, like wind and waves, and like thousands of horses galloping, rolling all the way in the clear sky, with gorgeous rosy clouds, are really beautiful. At this moment and then lowered his head to see the original cave, only to see a cloud, where also know where it is, Guo Feihong was really surprised.
By this time, the three of them had arrived at the stone platform on the top of the ladder. There was a stone table and four stone drums on the stone platform. The thunder and fire Taoist was the first to sit down. The wind blew his sky-blue Taoist robe like snowflakes. It really felt like "floating and feathering". Kuo Fei-hung was puzzled. He couldn't figure out why the Taoist had brought him here, because he could see nothing but clouds and mists. There seemed to be a few faint mountain shadows in the distance, but they were much lower than the peaks standing on the top of the mountain. Just as he was bewildered, the Thunder and Fire Taoist picked up a huge gourd from the stone table and pulled out a plantain fan as big as a basket from under the stone table with his left hand. Seeing this, Ren Baoling whispered to Guo Feihong, "The real man is going to collect the clouds." Sure enough, the thunder and fire Taoist had already opened the lid of the gourd and handed the gourd to his left hand. The big fan in his right hand flapped frequently toward the clouds and mists nearby. His internal force was amazing. The big fan waved, but when he saw the white clouds rolling in, forming a group of white balls, they rolled over one after another. The closer they rolled, the closer they got, but it happened that the left gourd of the Taoist was right and was included in the gourd. The Taoist was very skillful about this, and in a flash, the white clouds nearby had been collected for him, and the rest were all low at the foot of the peak, looking very misty. When this was done, the Taoist looked back at Kuo Fei-hung and said with a smile, "Young man, how strong is your hand?" Kuo Fei-hung said in astonishment, "My disciple's skill is shallow. He can see his strength in two hundred steps with an empty palm. If he goes any further, he won't be able to do it." "I didn't expect you to be so skillful," said the Thunder and Fire Taoist. "I look down on you." "Young man," he went on, "come and help me!" "How can I help you?" Asked Kuo Fei-hung. The Thunder Fire Taoist narrowed his eyes slightly and said, "Look at the white smoke under the waist of the peak. It's ten feet thick. It's mountain fog. We have to penetrate it through a hole to see everything below. You and I can try to penetrate it with our internal force." According to his words, Kuo Fei-hung gathered the internal force in the palm of his hand and slowly pushed it out. He used to practice martial arts with his teacher in Jiuhua Mountain. He also tried the power of his hand with clouds and mists, so he was very skilled. After the power of his hand was sent out, it congealed but did not disperse. He saw the white smoke,ultrasonic spray nozzle, like the billowing waves of the river, retreating in all directions, thus forming a gap of about ten feet in size.
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