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Forsaken Desire -a Final Fantasy VII RPG :: Eastern Continent :: Midgar :: Shinra Inc. Headquarters :: Uncle Jiu - View Topic
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Uncle Jiu (13th Jan 23 at 3:00am UTC)
The last time I went to Zhao Fu, Tao Rui followed Jun Lan. This time she went, and no one would suspect anything. Jun Lan thanked Min Qingze with a smile. The two of them went indoors together. Min Qing has been half a step behind Junlan, quietly watching her in the back, listening to her walking and talking about two days of fun. The two of them had planned to talk together for a while and then eat together. But before he could say a few words, someone came and said, "Sir, Miss, there's a message from the inner house saying that the old lady's illness has recurred and she misses the girl. Let the girl go back and have a look." The words are high-sounding. But everyone knows that this seems to be a request, but in fact it is to be questioned. Min Qing couldn't help asking Jun Lan, "Do you need my help?" Although he did not know much about the little girl's side, he was clear about the general events. Even if the person is not in Beijing, but all the news related to the little girl, he will let people find out as soon as possible and then report to him. For no other reason. Just for her safety. The Zhao family must have regarded her as an eyesore since they met in the woods on the outskirts of Beijing that day. He made all the arrangements in case anything went wrong with her. Hearing Uncle Jiu's concerned question, Junlan thought about it and shook her head gently. Not for the time being. "I'll go and see what the old lady means first," said Junlan. She still has a smattering of knowledge about the things involved in this matter. If you don't figure it out,shuttle rack system, it's hard to guarantee that something will go wrong in the middle. What's more, Deng Shi is still in the Zhao family, not in the house at all. She first went to the old lady to find out about the situation, and it was better to see Zhao Ningfan again. Min Qing paused and nodded, "all right." Old Lady Min, the situation here is far worse than Junlan imagined. Although the old lady had never been in good health,heavy duty cantilever racks, she had never been too ill. But this time she lay on the bed, unable to move, covered with two thick quilts, still trembling slightly, as if she was very cold. Moreover, some of the lips turned purple, and some of them could not resist the disease. Junlan was raised in front of the old lady before she was seven years old. Although the old lady later treated her with all kinds of calculations, her childhood feelings were still there. At that time, she was a little baby without her mother. It was not easy for the old man to bring her up little by little. Jun Lan was so sad that she went to bed and shook the old man's hand. "What's the matter with you?" She sobbed? But where is it uncomfortable? Looking at the tears in her granddaughter's eyes, Mrs. Min's lips moved and her eyes were sour and astringent. To tell the truth, these eight girls are the daughters of her concubines. And the eight girls have been heartless since childhood, drive in racking system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, she and the child have been unable to kiss, so when they are together, they are always more calculating and less emotional. But at this time, seeing that the child was really worried about her, her heartstrings were somehow touched. You know, the wife of her own son is not so sincere when she worries about her. Uncomfortable. Old Lady Min said weakly, "I feel uncomfortable all over." Junlan tightened their hands and found that the old man was getting older and the skin on his hands was dry. Jun Lan said softly, "You take good care of yourself, and I will think of a way to help you." She thought about it and found Uncle Jiu to see if there was anyone there to help her. Old Mrs. Min will nod when she hears it. Suddenly remembered something, the voice a little louder, "you, you go to find your mother.". She knows what to do. Gao Shi? Jun Lan is confused. What can Gao Shi do. Old Lady Min said slowly, "The one who tied the bell must untie it." Hearing this, Junlan pursed her lips and did not answer. With her understanding of Gao Shi, although Gao Shi's temper is not very good, it will not be so blatant to harm people. What's more, Gao Shi has been in the inner house for many years, and he is not a fool. Even if you want to harm people, there is no reason to do so brazenly. Jun Lan is considering how to say, this time Liu mother suddenly ran in. Liu's mother was following the old lady. She was very calm on weekdays and seldom showed such eagerness and lack of courtesy. Jun Lan turned a little sideways to make it convenient for Liu's mother to talk to the old lady. Liu's mother obviously did not expect to meet eight girls in this place. When seeing Jun Lan, Liu's mother paused very obviously and did not know whether to move forward or backward. Her hesitation was seen by Mrs. Min's squinting eyes.
Old Lady Min shouted, "What do you have to do?"? Although to say. I want to hear it. Mother Liu glanced at the eight girls several times and saw that the eight girls were motionless and obviously did not intend to leave immediately. She thought that the eight girls would know what was going on after they went out for a while, so she explained here, "Back to the old lady.". When the maidservant took someone to search just now, he found, found -- She swallowed her saliva nervously and said with difficulty, "I found the dregs of the medicine hidden in the eight girls' room.". The maidservant was afraid that she had something to do with the old lady. So I came to talk to the old lady. Hearing that the dregs of the medicine had been found in the eight girls' room, Mrs. Min's eyes suddenly widened. Then, with all her strength, she suddenly pushed the little girl's hand away. Hello She squeezed the words out of her throat, "Hello!"! What a cruel heart! The wetness in Junlan's eyes had no time to fade, and her hands were already empty and cold. She looked down at her hands and then at Mrs. Min. The old lady shook her hands and her voice trembled. "You are unfilial, unfilial, filial.." Then there was a huge cough. Liu's mother quickly picked up the old lady Min and kept giving her the back. Old Lady Min breathed a little more evenly and said in a cold voice, "You are not filial.". To set me up with your mother. Junlan stood quietly for a moment and smiled. The old lady really didn't love me. Jun Lan's smile was quiet and gentle, but the words in her mouth were gritted one by one,warehouse pallet racks, so it sounded stiff. "It's just that someone found something from me. Before Liu's mother could say what was going on and what the situation was, the old lady made a prompt decision to convict me.". "If everyone settles cases like the old lady, there will be a mountain of injustices in the world." 。
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