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Forsaken Desire -a Final Fantasy VII RPG :: Eastern Continent :: Midgar :: Shinra Inc. Headquarters :: The dedication of suspect X _ Keigo Higashino - View Topic
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The dedication of suspect X _ Keigo Higashino (13th Jan 23 at 2:50am UTC)
"This way, please," she said, taking him to the place where the platform shelves were arranged. The shelves are stacked with newspapers. Every ten days, she said. Here are only the newspapers of the past month. Older newspapers have been disposed of. I used to keep it, but now as long as I search on the Internet, I can see the previous reports. "Yukawa said." Mr. Yukawa, did he say that one month is enough? "Yes, after the tenth of March." "March 10?" "Yes, I remember what he said." "May I have a look at these newspapers?" Be my guest. Call me again after reading it. At the same time as the female librarian turned around, Kusanagi had pulled out the whole stack of newspapers and put them on the table next to her. He decided to start with the society page on March 10. March 10, needless to say, is the day when Fu Jian Shen Er was killed. Yukawa came to the library to investigate the case, but what did he want to confirm from the newspaper? Kusanagi's search for reports related to the case was first published in the evening paper on March 11. Later, as the identity of the body was identified, it was also reported in the Morning Post on the 13th,endless swim pool, but since then, there has been no follow-up report. Then when it was published again, it was the news of Shi Shen's surrender. What does Yukawa care about in these reports? Kusanagi carefully read the few reports several times, but they were not important. Yukawa, through Kusanagi, got more information about the murder than these reports,hot tub wholesale, and there should be no need to look back at these reports. Kusanagi looked at the newspaper in front of him and folded his arms. Basically, he did not think that someone as powerful as Yukawa would help the newspaper report to investigate the case. In an age of daily homicides, newspapers rarely pursue a case unless there is some significant progress. This Tomiken murder, in the eyes of the world is also nothing strange, Yukawa can not not understand this. But that guy never does anything that doesn't make sense. Although Kusanagi had just said that to Yukawa, in his mind, after all, there was still a doubt that Shi Shen was the murderer. He could not erase the uneasiness of suspecting that the police had gone astray, and he always felt as if Yukawa knew where they were wrong. In the past, the physicist had helped Kusanagi and the police many times. There should be some effective suggestions this time. If there are, why don't you say it? Kusanagi put away the newspaper and greeted the librarian just now. Is it useful to you? She asked uneasily. Not that bad Kusanagi is vague. Just as he was about to leave, whirlpool hot tub spa ,outdoor spa manufacturers, the librarian said, "Mr. Yukawa seems to have checked the local newspaper." "Huh?" Kusanagi turned around. A local newspaper? "Yes.". He asked me if there were any local newspapers in the museum for Chiba or Saitama, and I told him no. "What else did he ask?" "No, that's all I should ask." "Chiba or Saitama." Kusanagi walked out of the library with doubts, completely unable to understand Yukawa's thoughts. Why do we need a local newspaper? Or Kusanagi thought that Yukawa was investigating the murder, but in fact his purpose had nothing to do with the case. Kusanagi thought about it and walked back to the parking lot. He drove here today. He got into the driver's seat and was about to start the engine. Yukawa Manabu came out of the schoolhouse in front of him, wearing a dark blue coat instead of a white experimental robe. With a dignified expression on his face, he did not pay any attention to his surroundings and walked straight towards the small door. Kusanagi watched Yukawa go out of the door and turn left before starting the car. Driving slowly out of the school gate, he saw Yukawa stopping a taxi. As the taxi drove away, Kusanagi got on the road. Yukawa, who is single, spends most of his day in college. His explanation was that there was nothing to do at home anyway, and it was more convenient to read or exercise at school. He has also said that it is easier to eat in this way. Looking at the clock, it was not yet five o'clock, and he should not be able to go home so early. As Kusanagi followed him, he memorized the taxi's dealer and license plate number. In this way, even if you lose him halfway, you can find out where Yukawa got off afterwards. The taxi went all the way east, and there was a bit of a traffic jam. Although several cars cut in and out from time to time between the two cars, fortunately they were not pulled away by the traffic lights.
Finally, the taxi crossed the Japanese Bridge and stopped just before the Sumida River, in front of the new bridge. Ahead is the apartment of the Stone Gods. Kusanagi parked the car on the shoulder of the road and waited for an opportunity to move. Yukawa walked down the steps next to the new bridge, as if he was not going to the apartment. Kusanagi looked around quickly, looking for a place to park. Fortunately, one of the parking meters was empty. He stopped the car there and hurried after Yukawa. Yukawa was walking slowly toward the lower reaches of the Sumida River, at a pace that did not look like anything, but rather like a leisurely walk. From time to time, he glanced at the vagrants. But it didn't stop. He did not stop until he reached the place where the vagrant huts were extinct. He rested his elbows on the railing set up by the river and turned his face unexpectedly to the side of the grass. Kusanagi was a little embarrassed, but Yukawa was not surprised and even smiled. Looks like he figured out Kusanagi was stalking him long ago. Kusanagi strode up to him. You already found out? "Because your car is so eye-catching." Yukawa said, "the old skyline is hard to see now." Did you get off at a place like this because you knew I was following you? Or were you going to be here from the beginning? "Both statements are correct, but they are also a little wrong. The original destination is here and a little further.". But when I found your car, I changed the place where I got off slightly, because I wanted to bring you here. "What do you want to do when you bring me to such a place?" Kusanagi quickly glanced around. The last time I spoke to Ishigami, it was here. At that time, I said to him, "There is no useless gear in the world, and only the gear itself can determine its use." "Gears?" Then I asked him a few questions about the murder. At that time,endless swimming pool, he took the attitude of not commenting, but after breaking up with me, he made a reply. That is to turn himself in. 。
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