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Forsaken Desire -a Final Fantasy VII RPG :: Eastern Continent :: Midgar :: Shinra Inc. Headquarters :: Treasure appraisal doctor - View Topic
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Treasure appraisal doctor (13th Jan 23 at 2:32am UTC)
Li Shao several people are bragging, Han manager ran over, he knows Li Shao, also know Li Shao's fierce. After he runs in, say: "Li Shao, that fellow arrived back kitchen, do not let stew that soft-shelled turtle, say to stew give him 1 million he won't agree." "Paralyzed, I'd like to see who has the courage to treat me like this." Li Shao said, "in this county, there is no one who dares not give me face!" "Yes, that boy is an idiot, and he doesn't dare not give Li Shao face." Manager Han also echoed. The others had already stood up and said, "Go beat that guy up." Four people went to the kitchen with Manager Han. As soon as he entered the kitchen, a boy shouted, "Paralysis, which boy is so blind that he doesn't even give Li Shao face?" They are all used to being overbearing, so most people don't care about it. As for "paralysis", they usually open their mouths. But they feel that they can open their mouths and come, but Yang Ming is not happy, and no one can pretend to be in front of them. It doesn't matter if you pretend to be small once in a while. But if you curse, it is certainly not good, the boy's voice just fell, heard a "bang",dap diammonium phosphate, his face has been hit. All of these people were confused, and they would never have thought that Yang Ming would dare to hit them. When Li Shao saw Yang Ming slap one of his brothers in the face, he immediately felt that he could not hang on, but he was not a fool, and he also wanted to look at the situation. Oneself this is a group of people come in, this boy still dares to hit directly, that is to do not put them in the eye at all. Since they are ignored, they are not ordinary people. Even if the average person has some ability, when he sees a group of people,calcium nitrate sol, he will tolerate them. This is the so-called hero does not suffer immediate losses, but this young man actually dares to beat people, that is not a simple person. But generally powerful people, they also know, these young people also have their own thoughts, meet more powerful than them, they certainly will not go to provoke others. But if they meet ordinary people, they will bully others, which has become a common problem in society. Bullying the good and fearing the evil is the general code of conduct for young people, but when Li Shao saw Yang Ming, he found that he did not know the person, so he was not nervous. Although the heart is not too nervous, but he still wants to test, then said: "Boy, do you know who is standing in front of you?" Yang Ming said coldly, "I don't care who you are. You'd better not provoke me. Don't blame me for letting you all lie down." At this time, Han Yifan must be on the side of Li Shao. He said coldly, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,caustic calcined magnesite, "Boy, I have said a lot of good words to you. Even if you don't listen, I can't help it. I'll tell you that this is Li Shao. Everyone in our neighborhood knows it." "Li Shao, why do you like to weigh less now?" Yang Ming said coldly, "I don't care what it is, before I get angry, you all get out of here and stop thinking about this turtle." Han Yifan says in one side: "Boy, Li Shao takes a fancy to this soft-shelled turtle, that is to look up to you, how do you do not know good or bad so?" As soon as Yang Ming looked at Manager Han like this, he immediately became angry and paralyzed. Those who ate together spent money. Why did he look down on me? Thinking of this, Yang Ming raised a slap in the face of Han Yifan. No one thought that Yang Ming would hit Manager Han. Manager Han covered his face and said, "Paralyzed, how dare you hit me?" As soon as his voice fell, Yang Ming slapped him again. Chapter 1292 of the main text: The police are coming. "Bang", this slap hit more severely, Han manager immediately felt his face burning, he spat, even a big tooth was knocked out by Yang Ming. When Han Yifan saw Yang Ming like this, he immediately begged not to speak out, and was slapped twice by Yang Ming. At this moment, Li Shao says: "Boy, I still must eat soft-shelled turtle today, how can you do?" "Yes, we'll eat the turtle today. We'll eat the turtle you want. How do I see you?" Said the second generation of an official behind Li Shao.
Yang Ming says coldly: "You did not wait to eat, want to lie down to go out completely." Yang Ming's words made these people angry, not to mention that there was one who was beaten just now. Li Shao said, "Since you said so, I really want to give you some color to see see." Said, Li Shao jumped up, after Li Shao jumped up, the other three people also came up. Yang Ming let Wang Xiaohong hide to one side, and then he came up, only to see at first glance, Yang Ming put them down. After Yang Ming put these people down, these people immediately became honest, and after several people got up, they also knew that Yang Ming was fierce. Others dare not go up, but this Li Shao is different. He is a fearless Lord. When has he ever been so angry. So he got up and pointed at Yang Ming and said, "You are paralyzed. You dare to fight back. Do you know who I am?" As soon as his voice fell, Yang Ming slapped him. With a bang, he slapped Li Shao in the face. Li Shao immediately felt his face burning, and before he could scold the second sentence, he was slapped again on the other side of his face. Li Shao was in a hurry: "Damn.." The following words haven't come out yet, and it's a "bang" again! Yang Ming said coldly, "Remember me. I'll be honest when I see you in the future. If you scold me again, I'll break your leg. Do you believe it?" Li Shao did not think that Yang Ming dared to do this to himself, since he dared to hit himself, it was not impossible to break his legs. Li Shao is stupefied immediately here, at this moment, a fellow behind Li Shao says: "Li Shao, call the police, we hold to call the police quickly!" Call the police Yang Ming is not afraid of it, Yang Ming said coldly: "Well,Magnesium Sulphate price, you call the police, I will wait for you to call the police!" " As soon as Yang Ming finished speaking, he heard a man's voice outside shouting: "Don't move!" 。
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