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Forsaken Desire -a Final Fantasy VII RPG :: Eastern Continent :: Midgar :: Shinra Inc. Headquarters :: My Royal Guards. - View Topic
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My Royal Guards. (13th Jan 23 at 2:31am UTC)
Come over to test Shen Yan, but face Shen Yan and Liu Ling's tune. See Shen Yan bow to talk to Liu Ling, Liu Ling holding his arm do not let go of the posture. Qin Ning turned her head sideways. She didn't know such a banquet. Qin Ning could not help but be entranced: in the relationship that she and Shen Yan had never started, Shen Yan had a good appearance, excellent martial arts and literary skills, and was not infatuated with women. This person stands in the crowd, falling and falling, and the green hills and clouds arouse people's reverie. So many girls like Lord Shen, and Qin Ning was quite proud of her vision when she was young. She later retired with Shen Yan, the most crucial reason is because Shen Yan is good to her, can only say "make do". It's never going to be what she wants. Qin Ning wants a person, unconditionally good to her, love her and spoil her, take her as the first, treat her as the world. She felt that Shen Yan could not do it. He is so proud, so noble, and has his own ideal of life. Qin Ning in his eyes, simply can not be his only. A person again good, do not put her in the heart, Qin Ning also does not like. Qin Ning could hardly imagine Shen Banquet putting down his high posture and talking and laughing with a girl. But now, Liu Ling challenges Shen Meiren's bottom line several times, testing the same, again and again, Shen Banquet is made by her,industrial racking systems, and not very angry. When the interest comes, he will take the initiative to play with Liu Ling. It's not that he can't be good to people, he can't bow his head, he can't give in, he just hasn't met the person who deserves him to do that. Think of oneself with Shen Yan so many years of childhood friendship, in the eyes of Shen Yan, he is actually an "unworthy person", Qin Ning feel heart, knife,shuttle rack system, good is pain. She covered her chest and sighed, "Hey, things are unpredictable. People like Shen Yan can have someone they like. It's really lucky to eat shit.". By the pink bubbles flying all over the sky between the two people, and then look down will be envious of vomiting blood, Qin Ning silently quit, no longer want to watch. Originally, she was kind enough to help Shen Yan block the prince of the ancient kingdom of Yi who loved beauty. Think Shen Yan so pitiful, rare like a girl, the other side wants to marry far away from home. Qin Ning made up a sadistic drama and sighed for her little bamboo horse. She followed up, although she had other purposes, but she also had the idea of providing some benefits for the last journey of the little bamboo horse. But the little bamboo horse didn't seem to need her kindness at all, and when he saw her, he frowned, looked very disgusted, and even asked her the question "When are you leaving?" Hum! Let Shen Zhuma regret it! She no longer cares about Liu Ling and the prince of the ancient kingdom of Yi! Let Shen Zhuma see, without her Qin Ning, push back racking system ,industrial racking systems, how annoying the prince of ancient Yi would be, how he would entangle Liu Ling every day! Qin Ning's existence is indeed very important. When she did not care about everything, Shen Yan realized that his family a Ling. Beauty, how much people covet. The prince of the ancient kingdom of Yi was fascinated by beauty and asked your majesty for Liu Ling. Now that I have seen Liu Ling herself, I feel that she is even more beautiful. Liu Ling was a first-class beauty in the state of Wei, but because she was young, she did not grow up completely. Sixteen years old is so beautiful, you can imagine how gorgeous she will be when she grows up completely. And such a little beauty, unexpectedly will really become his imperial concubine! Originally to come to the big Wei has the heart of rejection, now with Liu Ling, the prince is happy, feel that anything can be compromised. Qin Ning teased him before, although Qin Ning did not have Liu Lingmei, but the girl has her own magic, a smile is attractive. "Now Qin Ning is hiding, and the prince of the ancient kingdom of Yi has free time. Remembering his future imperial concubine, he comes to visit her every day." Princess, can you stand to leave Dawei? Are you not acclimatized? If there is, you must tell me. When everybody stops to rest, the prince is to let a person deliver water again is to take Cate, it is very gallant. Liu Ling stood aside, as clean as black mountains and white water, looking into the distance, all kinds of scenery fell in her black eyes. So quiet, so light. The prince said that her mouth was dry, and she only looked at it lightly and then went to one side. When the prince of the ancient kingdom of Yi was in the capital of Ye, he had inquired about Liu Ling. He knew how strange his fiancee's temper was. Even when he asked for a marriage, the emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty reminded him euphemistically, "Ah Ling has a strange temper. He can't please people. Some of them are carrying. It's better for the prince to consider others." Had it not been for the determination of the prince of the ancient kingdom of Yi to marry, the emperor would not have wanted Liu Ling to marry.
He was too clear about the environment in which the little girl grew up, and that kind of temper could not stand the grievance. If she is really wronged, it is light to pull you to perish together. The emperor felt that it was better for Liu Ling to marry and marry? Don't be ridiculous. But the prince of the ancient kingdom of Yi loved the beauty of Liu Ling. The emperor was embarrassed to say that our Changle princess might have some problems in her brain and was not suitable for marriage. Not only could he not speak, but for the sake of Ling's reputation, he could never let the people below say the wrong thing. So in the end, Liu Ling went to marry. Up to now, the ancient princes of Yi are all appreciating Liu Ling's beauty, but they don't know how much trouble he has brought to Liu Ling. Seeing him, Liu Ling wanted to roll his eyes. If before meeting Shen Yan, someone was so eager for her, she would have a good impression, come and go, and would have some feelings with each other. But now there is Shen Yan. She saw the best. Shen Meiren pulled the standard too high all of a sudden. Liu Ling was like a cloud in the middle. Looking ahead, everything was tiny. Every man who appeared was a slag compared with Lord Shen. Everything is not as good as Shen Meiren, even the face is not as good as Shen Meiren, how can she like it? It's just that as a princess who has been ordered to marry, she can't be too obvious. At most, when the prince came to bother her, she pretended not to hear or see, hoping to dispel the idea of the prince. But this is totally useless for a single-minded prince. Liu Ling's twelve hours a day, except for sleeping time, were almost requisitioned by the princes of the ancient kingdom of Yi. She wants to cry. Another night, after covering the tent, Liu Ling had a meal in a hurry and went in the direction of the tent,radio shuttle racking, hoping to avoid the entanglement of the prince. Princess, you eat so little for dinner. It's no good. It's not good for your health. The prince chattered after him. ……” Liu Ling almost fell down. She turned, polite and indifferent. "I'm going to rest. Don't follow me." 。
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