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Forsaken Desire -a Final Fantasy VII RPG :: Eastern Continent :: Midgar :: Shinra Inc. Headquarters :: Bow Down Beauty [entry] - View Topic
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Bow Down Beauty [entry] (13th Jan 23 at 2:30am UTC)
The yellow and dim light spread out, and the person beside him was completely illuminated. Only then did Zhang Yingkang know that Ying Yan had been lying beside the bed. Ying Yan stared at him with sparkling eyes, his eyes awake without a trace of sleepiness, apparently never sleeping. Zhang Yingkang frowned slightly. "Why don't you go to bed?" When he spoke, he found that his voice was hoarse. Ying Yan hurriedly poured a cup of warm water, and then helped Zhang Yingkang raise the bed. While feeding him water, he shook his head and said, "I'm not sleepy." After drinking the water, Zhang Yingkang pressed his eyebrows and coughed lightly. He cleared his throat. Then he looked at Ying Yan and said softly, "I'm all right. Go to rest quickly." Zhang Yingkang glanced at the clock next to him. It was already past two o'clock in the morning. Ying Yanyi blinked and continued to shake his head: "I don't want to sleep. I had slept a lot before you came back. I'm really not sleepy at all." Then he looked at Zhang Yingkang's lips, which were wet but still pale, and asked, "Are you hungry? I've prepared dinner for you. Do you want to eat a little now?" Zhang Yingkang shook his head gently, "I'm not hungry." I really don't have any appetite. The room was quiet for a moment. Ying Yan looked at the downcast Zhang Yingkang and held him gently. After a pause, he asked, "If you have anything to say in your heart, you can say it to me. Although I can't share anything for you, I'm willing to listen to whatever you say." Zhang Yingkang kept silent for a while, then suddenly said to Yan, "Can you give me a hug?" There was a chill in the calm voice. Ying Yan immediately knelt down on the bed,MBR reactor, stretched out his hands and hugged Zhang Yingkang tightly, letting his head hang on her shoulder. After a while, Zhang Yingkang finally opened his mouth: "The doctor said that even if he had an operation, he would at most.." It's only half a year away. It goes without saying who he is. Ying Yan's heart suddenly sank, opened his mouth to comfort, but did not know where to comfort. She knows this feeling, even if more words of comfort are pale. She has experienced it herself. Ying Yan could only hold Zhang Yingkang more tightly with both hands,disc air diffuser, so tightly, without saying a word. The warmth in her arms and the steadfastness of her body are the only things she can convey in the past. I love you In the quiet room, Ying Yan suddenly opened his mouth. Zhang Yingkang's body seemed to stiffen for a moment, and it took him a while to raise his head and look at Ying Yan. Ying Yan looked at Zhang Yingkang and smiled softly. He wrinkled his nose and said, "No matter what happens, I believe you. No matter what you look like, I love you." Whether you are rich or poor, whether you are healthy or sick, she loves you. She's pretty sure. Zhang Yingkang's eyes trembled and stared deeply at Ying Yan. Ying Yan: "You.." Do you love me? Zhang Yingkang lowered his head, his eyelashes hanging straight and rolling his Adam's apple. For a while, in Ying Yan can not help but want to ask what, Zhang Yingkang finally raised his head, but did not speak, directly pressed Ying Yan with both hands, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,Mechanical fine screen, mercilessly kissed her lips. The kiss was heavy, and the hands were pressed tightly, as if to rub her into the body. Will never be separated. The author has something to say: Zhang Yingkang: Do not speak, direct action. Ying Yan: I'm lying flat. Push my pre-received article "Madman's Love", and maybe write this one first. Like to click on a collection, oh, there is a reminder to update. Jiang Yaoqian felt suffocated, the man by the window was very tall, black clothes and trousers, standing with his head down and slightly bent over, even though the light in the bedroom was very bright, the whole person still seemed to be hidden in the darkness. It makes people feel cold all over. She gritted her teeth, as if she couldn't stand it any longer, and finally broke up for the third time. Let's break up. The voice is forbearing and resolute. For a long time. The man standing by the window finally replied, "Good." Jiang Yaoqian immediately turned around and walked away, holding the doorknob in his hand, opening the door, making a "click" sound, and- Jiang Yaoqian slowly turned around and looked at the empty window, the curtain fluttering with the night wind. Sudden cardiac rupture.
Lunatic! Lunatic! Lunatic! —— The way I don't love you, can you stand it? Man is a madman, possessive, is a ruthless, we have to be psychologically prepared. Thanks to the little angel who voted for me from 2020-01-01 21:09:45 to 2020-01-02 23:29:17. Thanks to the little angel who threw the grenade: 3 female college students teach advanced mathematics online; Thanks to the little angel who threw the mine: coffee frozen milk green 23; Kayla's sky 1; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates the nutrient solution: Smash a pool of stars and moon 3 bottles; DDD 2 bottles; Shu 1 bottle; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 45 of Jinjiang Literature City This kiss took a long time to separate. Ying Yan pattered his mouth, felt the numbness and pain on his lips, and looked up at Zhang Yingkang, who was still holding him tightly, guessing that his body should have recovered by now. The atmosphere at this time is also good. Ying Yan secretly brewed in his heart for a while, and then the two willow eyebrows immediately sighed sadly, and his voice was extremely sad: "Actually, I know we have no result." With a sudden tightening of his back, Zhang Yingkang lowered his head and took a punitive bite directly on Yingyan's cheek. Ying Yan gave a gentle "hiss", then wrinkled his little face and continued to say calmly: "Since ancient times, we have paid attention to being well-matched, but.. I have no place to be worthy of you, I do not have the so-called family background, but also have a virtuous and generous character, long. It's just a little bit good-looking. How can I be worthy of you who are so noble and handsome? Sad voice, listen to all moving. With that, Ying Yan opened her tearful eyes and looked deeply at Zhang Yingkang. She said word by word, "So, I don't ask for the result when I am with you. As long as we have loved each other, as long as I have had you,rapid sand filters, then I will have no regrets in my life." Listen, listen, how touching.
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