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Forsaken Desire -a Final Fantasy VII RPG :: Eastern Continent :: Midgar :: Shinra Inc. Headquarters :: The Adolescence of Shushan Swordsmen - View Topic
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The Adolescence of Shushan Swordsmen (5th Jan 23 at 2:41am UTC)
I mean. He probably understood, as I did, why Lord Fallen was reading the Book of Sorcery. Tang Mi felt that her later words might be hard to accept, and. He was only thirteen or fourteen years old in front of him, but he decided to speak out. She asked first, in order not to be too abrupt, "Do you remember the eight things I said that misled me? At that time, we did not wonder why the magic of the Demon King and the Lord of the Fallen Heaven continued to exist after their death.". And why the soul beast can continue to exist after the death of the demon king. "Yes, I remember." "I haven't figured it out yet, but the magic guardian boundary in the Demon Palace is probably because Princess Hua Ying found a meteorite that can maintain her power, while our Shushan is caused by sorcery, but the power of this sorcery can only last for a hundred years.". The person who performs the art, that is, the Lord of the Fallen Heaven, knows this very well. The four young men looked far calmer than Tang Mi had expected. Huan Lan said, "Well.". It doesn't matter whether it's a sorcery or not. If he doesn't know that it can only last for a hundred years, he won't leave a legacy. Tang Mi saw that several people had good acceptance ability. He went on to say, "I have finished reading the notes on his book these days, although these things are written on the edge of the page.". But I've seen too much. I can still understand what he was thinking at that time. For the fallen Lord at that time, the most troublesome problem was how to suppress the magic blood. I guess that's why he started reading Eldritch books in the first place. It seemed that he had tried many ways, but never found a foolproof way to restrain the magic blood,12 needle valve, which consumed almost all his last energy, although he used a method before he died, but he was not very sure. "From this point of view, the devil has the upper hand in the final blow." Angelica dahurica interjected. Tang Mi nodded approvingly and said, "He, ah, knows that with his own ability, the magic he performs will last for more than a hundred years. Therefore,brass tube fitting, he has been hoping to find some way to prove that people can really reincarnate, and that he can control reincarnation so that he can return to Shushan before the magic fails, that is, a hundred years after his death.". In the end, however, it was never found, and the question of whether there was reincarnation or not was shaken. "So Mu Dianjian read those books and was influenced by the fallen Lord, so he wrote down those things?" Angelica dahurica Wei suddenly enlightened way, "about these too amazing, plus involved in the fall of heaven adult reincarnation accident, so he just ran to discuss with the master?" "Yes, that's the biggest possibility." Tang Mi replied, "Mu Dianjian must be more and more confused. In short, in order to find the answer to these many things, the cemetery and the lake of the fantasy sea must go. If it is found to be true as I speculated, 14 needle valve ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, the headmaster will have a motive to kill Dianjian." At this point, Tang Mi looked at the crowd and said, "They got to know each other in the Royal Sword Hall when they were young. Mu Dianjian likes to study and ponder. It's not surprising what kind of shocking ideas he has. But Jade Face said that Master Xiao was the most loyal follower of Lord Fallen Heaven since he was a child. If Mu Dianjian discussed with him such problems as Lord Fallen Heaven using sorcery, no longer believing in reincarnation, and so on." In fact, it is challenging what Master Xiao firmly believes in. Even if Xiao Headmaster thinks that Mu Dianjian has become a potential threat to Shushan, it is not impossible. "So he would kill Mu Dianjian for this?" Zhang Wei asked in disbelief. Although he is also a person who sticks to his heart, he can't imagine killing people for what he believes in and insists on. But Angelica dahurica Wei frowned and nodded approvingly, saying, "Yes, it's very possible.". Besides, didn't you say that someone showed Li Lie the instructions that Mu Dianjian had arranged for the master at that time? Just imagine, what would Xiao think if he read the instructions first? It was written to beware of the new master who finally won, and Master Xiao was the final winner. Tang Mi forgot to order this matter, at this time Angelica dahurica Wei mentioned, feel quite reasonable, nodded approvingly. Murong Fei shook his head and said, "But it doesn't make sense to say that Master Xiao is from the Demon Palace.".
” Tang Mi nodded and replied, "Yes, so if we can finally confirm that Master Xiao was involved in killing Mu Dianjian, there may be two people behind the scenes.". As to whether they conspired or used each other, or colluded in some other way, we will have to find out again. At this point, she took a deep breath and asked, "So, shall we go to the cemetery? If we are caught, we will not be able to stay in Shushan." "Go on, do you have to ask?" < font style = "display: none" > [Novel website, mobile phone, computer synchronous reading. You can also download e-books. TXT, CHM, UMD, JAR eBook] </font > Enjoy reading anytime, anywhere! < /div> Netizens upload the third chapter 31, their time has passed. This chapter was planned to be finished last night, but the number of words was too much, so I didn't finish it. I will do it again tonight, and move towards the end. It is estimated that there are still 10 chapters, and it will be finished next month. Hooray! There is a very interesting post in the discussion area. I put it on the top. You can go and see it. Several people out of the woods, the sky has been completely dark, the road to Shushan Cemetery to bypass the infinite peak, must pass through a large area of dense forest, so everyone lit a group of magic fire in their hands to illuminate the road. Tang Mi accidentally noticed that Zhang Wei's call out of the magic fire was much smoother than usual. She asked, "Big Head, why does it look so much better than before?" Zhang Wei said with a smile, "I also found it. It seems that it was the experience in Tianyin Forest that made Shen Di's power disappear." Congratulations, then. Zhi Wei's soul beast also called out,38 tube fitting, this time we three can be fair and aboveboard to pass the fourth test. Tang Mi said happily. "What, were we not fair and square in the past?" Walking aside, Angelica dahurica listened and retorted.
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