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Forsaken Desire -a Final Fantasy VII RPG :: Eastern Continent :: Midgar :: Shinra Inc. Headquarters :: Peak of reincarnation - View Topic
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Peak of reincarnation (5th Jan 23 at 2:39am UTC)
She had never doubted the relationship between Emperor Jun and Chu Xiang. But one of them obviously has the way of supernatural power, and most of them are not my race. Another person, however, has fallen for countless years, only the existence of legend. No matter how strange the experience is, I'm afraid it can't connect these two unrelated individuals together. It is precisely because of too rational, even if the mirror in the heart is broken, the surface is not the slightest wave. She will not dream of miracles for no reason. On the other hand, face the reality and calm down. She also showed that she was actually very stupid, all the plans, the robbery, the attempt to force him to show up. In fact, it is just a beautiful and beautiful fantasy and extravagant hope. In reality, he will not, must be able to disappear in time, must still be in the eighth high plane. Even if all the premises as she expected, oneself in the heart of that person, really have the weight of the risk? Come to think of it, most of them are not. "Oh, but I don't want to have wishful thinking.". These years are really lonely. With a self-deprecating smile, she adjusted her slightly messy dress. All the way by the wind, even the bun is scattered, but just did not notice. She wiped her hands in the air and took an agate comb out of nowhere. He stroked his head and was about to be combed, but there were still a few peepers around. When she looked into the distance, holding a horse with tassels like ink,stainless steel tube 304, she could see the figure coming from a distance. Graceful movements can not help but stiff, pretending to be comfortable expression, but also for it to disperse. Pow. The jade comb inlaid with multicolored gems fell to the ground. In the crisp sound of fracture, this is accompanied by her beloved thing for thousands of years, folded in half … There is no room for half a grain of dust on the ground. But eventually, when the heart is clear in love, it is contaminated with a little bit of stone chips. Broken mirror, have you ever let the crystal fall on your heart? The perfect coincidence of the two halves, after all,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, is missing some negligible details. It's just, if you can't see it, who cares. Who will ask, why care? "Ben Zun, why is it unnecessary?". She wanted to die, and let her live and die. I don't feel at ease when you do this. "Oh?"? Leave her to her own devices? If she is really worthless in your heart. I just ordered someone to save her. What does it have to do with you? If she is really more important than you think. If I saved her, I helped you. You are my friend. Why do you doubt me? Ben Zun, your emotions are getting better and better. I am even surprised to know how to penetrate something that cannot be understood by reason. I doubt you, not for you, but for you. You are the only doppelganger, and you should know your own bad behavior. "Misconduct means" "If you stand high enough, you can see far enough and the details are clearer.". No matter how well he hides it, the Kingdom of God in the Seven Realms is mysterious and unpredictable. He hid the long-lived beauty of'that man ', even the unrelated women who had been fettered with me. I really want to know, is he just trying to build a big harem? One way of love, I thought I was broken a long time ago, but after all, there is always one in ten thousand flaws. Reason and resistance, beam impact tubes ,side impact door beams, after all, is the kingcraft, but also buried hidden dangers. In other words, if we are purely rational, can we ignore friendship? If there is love after all, how can he be sure that he can just grasp one in a billion flaws. I don't understand. He acts. So I have to do the same to you. "Are you afraid that I will be used by him or that I will not leave his control from the beginning to the end?" "My noumenon has passed on the last behest to me, just at the time when I was wandering in Taixu.". Where is your body? Our noumenon, each divides the body, once I also doubted the noumenon intention, you have not doubted? Your noumenon has no doubt? Now it is proved that my noumenon, if standing in my point of view at this moment, is really selfless. So where is your body, which mostly thinks that he is selfish, and what is it doing? He is stronger than you, he must be stronger than you, you and I are still confused, he has achieved God. So, what is your body doing now. What on earth does he want? Can I trust you? For the most part, it can be trusted. But he, no! Noumenon I don't feel noumenon. In fact, there is no need to care. You and I both know that the man is still in the field, but he has never thought of taking preventive measures. "He is he, after all, is just a tragedy, a poor man who has no clear handle.".
You and I both know that he can't be compared with you at all! Ben Zun, what is Ben Zun, originally the most respected! If not, in short, you should not let her appear in my vision again. Are you so distrustful of yourself? If you can let her destroy herself, why do you struggle with this? "I never misjudge my heart.". But I, after all, can't read other people's hearts. It's up to you. "Wait, you're not going to see her?" "See her?"? I still feel that in the past, the absolutely rational you are more lovely. What is she? What am I? Is it not everyone who falls in love with me? I have to pay the same amount in return. It's funny. You saved her, not me. She has nothing to do with me. Please help yourself to whatever you want to arrange for her. "Authenticity" Could it be that this is the reason why you insist on getting back Biluo Fairy? In fact, for you, everything is false. Friendship, love, even affection. You just care about yourself. Worry, perhaps one day there will be, even their own do not understand the determination. Instead of waiting for the unknown to come, it is better to hold the possible known in hand. Instead of waiting for the enemy to show flaws, why not try to expose some deliberately. We all know that it is false, but it is also the only true. Originally, do not care about, but also deliberately to let oneself, to care about. Ben Zhen, you are really selfish enough, self enough, live, and tired enough. I inherit the primacy of origin, and you inherit the true primacy of origin. He tries to hide your deep-seated selfishness with his great magical power and compassion. He is merciful, hoping that you and I can take off together, and even attach'he ', so that three parts of God can be United. You don't understand why we have helped him,Cold Drawn Tubes, but we always insist that we owe him. The sword cut off his obsession, so that he could go to the place where he did not want to be, and finally realize that he was free.
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