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Forsaken Desire -a Final Fantasy VII RPG :: Eastern Continent :: Midgar :: Shinra Inc. Headquarters :: Goddess she just wanted to sleep with me - View Topic
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Goddess she just wanted to sleep with me (5th Jan 23 at 2:33am UTC)
"There are so many rooms at home, where is not convenient, Miaoer seems to like living here, she likes to play with the neighbor's children, she also likes Yin Shuhao." Wei Yi's rare tone was a little eager and frowned. Su Wenmo knew that she really didn't want her to go. She looked at Wei Yi and laughed, "I didn't expect that we would be clingy one day." Thinking of her lonely ten years, Su Wenmo was a little distressed and added fiercely, "How many years ago I advised you to fall in love and get married, now I know how good it is to have a man around." Wei Yi smiled, "if I got married early, I wouldn't be able to wait for Yin Shuhao." Hearing the sound of footsteps, Wei turned his face and said, "Ah.". Before he could be shy, Yin Shuhao went to her side and pulled her face and kissed her on the lips. In a good mood. Su Wenmo coughed. The two men who looked at each other did not give her a look. Yin Shuhao directly picked up Wei Yi and walked out of the kitchen, ignoring her very thoroughly. Su Wenmo gave a "tut". It's great to fall in love! "When did you wake up?" Wei Yi let him carry her to the living room like a child. Since you started cutting the tomatoes. "It's an ugly cut." …… As long as you can eat, pick a fart. Wei Yi raised his hand and touched his forehead. "Do you feel anything now?"? Are you still sleepy? What about the eyes? Have a headache? Yin Shuhao licked the corner of his lower lip with a straight face, "I feel it." "What's wrong?" Wei Yi asked calmly, but he was a little flustered. I feel like I didn't enjoy myself in the morning. ………… That's called not having a good time. How can you have a good time? Yin Shuhao sat on the sofa, and Wei Yi was put on his lap. Later,Automatic nail machine, he whispered, "Wen Mo will see it when he comes out." "Well, she has just seen it." Wei Yi was held by him, very close, close enough to see her reflection in his eyes, and his attentive eyes made her heart begin to ache. Wei Yi raised his hand around his neck. "When did it start?" "I don't remember the exact date. One morning when I came back from here, I suddenly lost sight of it." He said easily,wire nail machine manufacturers, still laughing, but Wei Yi felt that his heart was pinched and he could not breathe. "How long did it last?" "About 20 minutes." The hand unconsciously slides up his eyebrow tail, with a nasal voice, "At that time, were you afraid?" Yin Shuhao nodded, suddenly blind and deaf, it is impossible not to be afraid, "afraid." I'm afraid I'll never see her again. Then you sit outside every day. When he said this, Wei Yi's eyes were already red. This fool. Yin Shuhao took the hand rubbing at the end of his eyebrows and kissed it on his mouth. "I can't sleep without it." Although I can't sleep well here, it's more reassuring to know that she's not far away. Wei Yi was quiet for a moment. Pluck up your courage. "When I first came back, I changed the password at home." "After a week, I changed it back." I always thought he would come. When they first came back, they came to my house. "For the first time, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Nail machine supplier, I lost my temper, crying and shouting, hysterically, and Miaoer was so frightened that she dared not approach me for several days." Holding her hand tightly, her heart seemed to spasm with pain. She must have been desperate and wronged. I wondered again and again why I had such a mother and what I had done wrong. "Then I thought you must have asked yourself that question." "We didn't do anything wrong, so why should we end up like that?" "Then I'll start waiting for you." "One night, I saw a figure outside, and when I saw it clearly, I found that security guards were patrolling." "At that moment, I missed you very much." "I'm sorry," Yin Shuhao kissed her forehead over and over again, murmuring, "I'm sorry, I should have come back earlier." "I am here, and I will always be here." When preparing for lunch at noon, Yin Yuzhang came. Standing in the doorway, there are a lot of colorful gift boxes at his feet. Wei Yi was dumbfounded, looking at that bent down to mention, but also stared at Yin Shuhao, "do not know to help?" A man.
It's really impossible to connect with his identity. Su Wenmo had just set the table to call someone, but before he opened his mouth, the man said directly, "Add another pair of chopsticks." Yin Yuzhang looked at the three people who were quiet and silent at the table, and finally his eyes fell on his son, whose face was still the serious expression of his signboard. "Do you remember?" Yin Shuhao gave a "hmm". " When do you go back to work? "Next week." After Yin Yuzhang stopped talking, the whole table was quiet except for the sound of eating. He looked at the man and woman opposite and thought about how to open his mouth. That pile of things was prepared by Wen Li, the best bird's nest, flower glue and caterpillar fungus, which had just been sent with him. Wen Li sent them outside the door and left. When he left, he told him to watch Wei Yi accept them. She hasn't seen her son since he recovered, and she has been talking all morning. Yin Yuzhang said, "Well, Wei Yi, when will it be convenient for you to meet your father?" Wei Yi looked up at him and did not speak. Shuhao is in good health, and I brought the household registration book here today to see if your father has any requirements. Yin Yuzhang thought, they are going to get married before, now there is no resistance, Wei Yi did not show that he is still angry, he should soon become a father-in-law. Wei Yi tightened his hand with chopsticks. She told Yin Shuhao a few days ago that she could be with him and have children, but she didn't want to get married. She was very determined. That was before I knew Yin Shuhao was ill. Her determination broke down when she learned that he was ill. As she said, neither she nor Yin Shuhao did anything wrong, and it shouldn't end like that. She said the end was a breakup. They should not break up. But her determination had not yet collapsed,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and she had no hard feelings. Wei Yi hesitated for a moment and interrupted Yin Yuzhang, "I don't want to get married now." Chapter 76 Not wanting to get married, Wei's father and Zou Wenli soon knew about it.
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