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Zhu Yitao said, "Even you can't stand the charm of this girl, not to mention me.". So, of course, I have the right to make out with her here, and that's what we're judging. Although Xianfa was eloquent and tactful, he could not help being angry at this time and said, "Don't keep saying that we can't resist temptation." "If you dare not bet with me," said Zhu Yitao, "aren't you acquiescing?" "But I want him to kowtow before he will be reconciled," he said. "Yes, but what if you lose?" Asked Zhu Yitao. "I'll kowtow to you even if I lose," he said. Zhu Yitao said, "Well, if you lose, I'll find the host to have a try." After all, he was a formal monk. He felt that it was not easy to drag the head of a temple into such a thing, so he shook his head and objected, "Why should we do this to others?" "You've been fighting for a long time," said Zhu Yitao. "Do you think you're bound to lose?" Xinfa and Xinfa were stunned and could not make a sound. "You dare to have a try, too," said Zhu Yitao. "Why don't you dare?" The two monks were so confused by his crooked reasoning that they decided not to gossip with him and quickly dismissed him so that they could be quiet. Explicit way: "How do you say to try a law?" "It's very simple," said Zhu Yitao. "If you look at her carefully, it's almost the same." The two monks, Xianfa and Xixian, looked at Ruan Yujiao in a twinkling of an eye. They all thought that even though their Zen heart was not firm and they still had lust, how could this beautiful woman make a fool of herself by looking around? In other words, they think that no matter how charming the girl is, she can't be seduced just by looking at her, and they have been trained to hide their feelings, even if they are very strong. Therefore, they are confident that even if they are moved by lust, they will not show it, so who can know. Ruan Yujiao raised her hand and said,jacuzzi manufacturers, "Oh, what are you talking about?" Explicit way: "That is his idea, you also hear." "Of course it was my idea," said Zhu Yitao. "Can you ask me first?" Ruan Yujiao asked softly. Her voice is very soft and charming, and her tone is very euphemistic, which makes people feel infinite pity in their hearts. "Do you dare not listen to me?" Said Zhu Yitao stiffly. Ruan Yujiao seemed to be very afraid, hurriedly dropped his hand, so that the whole face, exposed in the line of sight of the two monks. "How dare I not listen," she said softly, "but.." She looked at the two monks for help, swept them quickly, and then shyly moved away. At this time, the two monks had forgotten the matter of testing their strength, but they felt a heroic spirit of protecting flowers, which surged into their minds. Her pitiful manner, if on any other woman, jacuzzi suppliers ,whirlpool hot tub, would not have made a man so sympathetic. With her charming beauty, but if it were not for the pair of eyes that could talk, they would send out the meaning of asking for help, and the heroic spirit in the chest of these two monks would not necessarily rise so quickly. Although this is a matter of a moment to ask, but in the psychological reaction process of the two monks, it is very complicated, the final result is that they feel the need to speak for this beauty. "If this woman Tan Jiao doesn't want to," he said, "how can you force her, benefactor?" "Yes," said Xianfa, "this is the crux of the matter. If we don't get her consent, let's give up." "What do you say?" Asked Zhu Yitao. His words were to ask Ruan Yujiao, so the eyes of the three men were naturally focused on her face. wwW、 The fourth chapter severely punishes the head Tuo to know the Buddha demon. T-xt-small, say God. Don Ruan Yujiao was stunned for a moment, then nodded, and then looked at the two monks. In her black and white eyes, the two monks each felt that this beautiful woman seemed to be asking for help only from herself. She seemed to mean that she only trusted him, so she asked him for help. Behind this appeal was the fact that she seemed to be willing to do anything, as long as she was no longer bullied and loved, and she could obey all orders, including the sacrifice of her body.
Their feelings of hatred changed from love to love, and because each of them felt that she only turned to herself for help, they felt even more duty-bound and secretly pleased. So they couldn't help looking at her menacing body. With a sneer, Zhu Yitao gave each of the two monks a big mouth. The crisp sound of the ear echoed in the hall. Xinfa and Xinfa, although their faces were full of pain and heat, their minds were awakened, and they knew that they were just as the other side had said. They only looked at Ruan Yujiao for a moment, and then fell into the net of human lust. They did not dare to argue, because they had a guilty conscience in their hearts, and when they had the idea of love in their hearts, their expressions had been revealed and could not be concealed. "Now it's the abbot's turn," said Zhu Yitao. "What's his name?" Xianfa hesitated for a moment and then said, "The abbot of our temple is Master Huike." "Where is he?" Asked Zhu Yitao. This time it was his turn to answer, "In the back meditation room." "All right," said Zhu Yitao, "you lead the way." Xianfa and the other two monks, somehow, had lost any idea of resistance and turned around and walked obediently. Zhu Yitao hugged Ruan Yujiao's slender waist and followed behind. When they went through the corridor and the courtyard, they met many monks. These monks saw that it was a monk who knew the temple and led a young man and a young woman to the back. Although it was a little unusual, they did not come to ask questions. After a while, they had come to a quiet courtyard. The two monks, Xianfa and so on, stopped and their eyes fell on a door on the steps. There was a bamboo curtain hanging from the door, and there was silence inside. Zhu Yitao was not polite. He took a step to the door and opened the bamboo curtain. But see this meditation room, the layout is quite elegant, all the furniture, exquisite workmanship, good material. There was a large desk by the window, and a monk sat beside it. On the desk, besides the study utensils, there was an open sutra, a plate of fresh fruit, and tea. Alarmed by the sound of the curtain,indoor endless pool, he looked at it in a twinkling of an eye, frowning slightly, as if he was very dissatisfied with the people who had opened the curtain without being informed.