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Mr. Fu loved her deeply because of her beautiful m (13th Jan 23 at 1:22am UTC)
Fu Jingxing's car stopped outside Lin's house, and when the servants of the Lin family saw that it was him, they immediately opened the door, and someone hurried in and called the housekeeper out. Mr. Fu, our old man has something to do when he goes out today. When he comes back, he will have a rest early. If you are not in a hurry, can you wait until tomorrow.. The housekeeper smiled and said, but Fu Jingxing went straight inside. "If the old man has a rest, I can see Mrs. Lin." The housekeeper knew that Jiang Luyun had been an artist of Xingyao, and had a quarrel with Fu Jingxing. Hearing what he said, he gasped, but Fu Jingxing was such an identity that he dared not stop him, but Jiang Luyun was the heart of the old man, in case something happened and he was wronged.. He had to wipe his sweat and follow him, and ordered someone to go upstairs and call the old man and his wife. Fu Jingxing was sitting in the living room downstairs. The servant brought tea, but he didn't answer it. He just looked at the upstairs with heavy eyes. "I have a big matter. I must see Mrs. Lin tonight, and ask the housekeeper to invite Mrs. Lin down at once." The housekeeper did not dare to answer, and was brazenly stammering, but upstairs the old man Lin, who was wearing a nightgown, was helped out of the bedroom by the servant with an unhappy face. You are getting more and more presumptuous now, even if there is a big thing, it should not be so absurd! Luyun is my wife now, and for my sake, you have to give her some face. Old Lin was extremely dissatisfied and went downstairs to sit on the sofa, but his face was still very ugly. Fu Jingxing also has no intention to talk to him at this time. Spin He opened the door to see the mountain and said, "Uncle, I took the liberty to come here late tonight. I really have something big to see you and your wife. Zhangzhu and Jiashu disappeared six days ago, and I haven't had any clues yet. I'm really worried. I found some clues today. Maybe it has something to do with Mrs. Lin. That's why I have to offend you.." "Ridiculous!"! Lu Yun went abroad with me on vacation ten days ago. We just came back the day before yesterday. Your woman and child have been missing for six days. What does it have to do with her? Old Lin flew into a rage, but Fu Jingxing smiled coldly and said, "Does it matter? It doesn't matter who you or I say now. Let Mrs. Lin come down and let me ask in person." With his tone, Mr. Lin was naturally even angrier. He pounded the table heavily and was about to denounce Fu Jingxing, when the servant upstairs exclaimed, "Madam, Madam, what's wrong with you.." Old Lin heard the sound and looked back. Jiang Luyun was standing at the door of the room with dishevelled hair and bare feet. With tears streaming down his face, he grabbed a servant and shouted, "Where are you, Dong Xue?"! Have you come yet? Why haven't you come yet. Go and send someone to find her, find her for me at once. What's going on here! Who is Dong Xue? Mr. Lin was so surprised that he immediately turned to ask the housekeeper. Dong Xue is a friend of his wife and often sends things to his wife. "Where is Dong Xue?"? Is Dong Xue here? Jiang Luyun had already let go of the servant who had been shaken silly, turned around and stumbled downstairs. Her eyes were scattered, her face was dirty, and she rushed out barefoot. "Where is Dong Xue? Is Dong Xue coming?" She read these words over and over again, and looked so crazy, not to mention Fu Jingxing, Inflatable indoor park , even the old man Lin now has dim eyes, but also see something wrong. Why don't you pull her back! Lin felt a sharp pain in his heart, and after saying this, he covered his heart and fell down on the sofa, panting violently, but feeling more and more suffocated in his chest, and gradually his face turned purple and red. They are already dead, starving to death! They're already dead, starving to death! Lin felt a sharp pain in his heart, and after saying this, he covered his heart and fell down on the sofa, panting violently, but feeling more and more suffocated in his chest, and gradually his face turned purple and red. The housekeeper was so frightened that his soul was about to fly away. He hurriedly called someone to send the old man's medicine down to him, and kept giving him a smooth breath. Only then did the old man Lin gradually breathe smoothly. But Jiang Luyun suddenly went mad, and the servants at home wanted to stop her, but they were afraid of hurting her with brute force, so there was nothing they could do for a while.
Old Lin saw that she was so crazy, and although he usually liked her to spoil her, he could not see her so disgraceful, so he ordered the housekeeper to say a few words. Several powerful servants quickly subdued Jiang Luyun and locked him in the vacant room downstairs. How dare I? Am I really old? "Mr. Lin sat for a moment with his eyes closed, then suddenly asked in a heavy voice." Uncle, you have only been deceived. "Am I not good enough for her?" Old Lin's muddy old eyes looked at a loss. Fu Jingxing shook his head: "It's just that some people's greed can never be satisfied." Old Lin waved his hand and said, "If you have something to say, go and ask her, but she's so crazy now that she probably can't say why.." "Uncle, take care of yourself and don't hurt yourself for such a person." Fu Jingxing advised, but Lin shook his head wearily. For a moment, he seemed to be much older, and the whole person, from inside to outside, seemed to be full of decadent breath. When Fu Jingxing turned to the room where Jiang Luyun was locked, he seemed to hear a low murmur from the old man Lin. Maybe I delayed her when I married her. Fu Jingxing suddenly stopped, some people, a lifetime in pursuit of things that do not belong to her, but refused to stop to see who is around her. If Jiang Luyun was not so greedy, if she could cherish those who were really good to her, maybe she would not have today. Before Fu Cheng, now the old man Lin, treat her as sincere. But she is never willing to cherish, after all, she is harmful to others and herself. Jiang Luyun may have just made a fuss, it is too tired, or perhaps, she is now in the past that strength, people also slightly restored some consciousness. When the door opened, Fu Jingxing saw her sitting on the floor with her knees in her arms, her long hair hanging down and winding around her body, and a few sobs could be heard faintly. Jiang Luyun. Fu Jingxing called her name in a deep voice,Inflatable dry slide, obviously seeing her whole body trembling violently, but she did not look up, but hugged herself a little tighter. Where are Zhang Zhu and Jia Shu? 。
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