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Li Liang-New Shushan Swordsman (13th Jan 23 at 1:21am UTC)
A secret wanted to leave the temple and find another cave as a place to settle down, but he was afraid that Chibaizi would come back and there would be no place to find himself. But if he didn't make friends, he was afraid that he would come later and connect with ghosts. *) 'After talking for a while, he couldn't do anything. He kept talking and remembered that the package, clothes and field rain were still on the bell tower. Now the bell tower must be in the rubble. It would be better to take advantage of the broad daylight and take it out. When Bian destroyed the sign in his hand, he dared to go to the temple guild. As soon as she got close to the temple, she still did not move. She went in carefully and first looked for two stones to get out of the group. Don't see what move out, this just by put & ', that pile of calendar rosy clouds by a sun. Esau and Ben * have their own raw meat, at this time the imitation oozes a lot of yellow water, Chiocon people. — — one, — * Ji Yu had one hand ahead of time and the other hand on his nose. Walking through the rubble at the foot of the building, he saw that Li Zhao was in the parcel area. He had not been helped by the model to pick up the broken house. Zhu Pei was on his body. He did not return it for a long time. Because he was out of the wall, he took out his clothes from the parcel and wrapped them under the board and carried them on his back. After a while, Akashiko did not turn around. Remembering the dangerous situation last night, he had a lingering fear in his heart and dared not stay here. Thinking about it, I sincerely hope that Master Yang Zongtang will accept me as a spur, and that he will return to Jun and be supported by each other. If he really leaves here, he will be suppressed by Chang Ren. Presumably, they will not be allowed to pick up two pines in the mud field. I will guide the way down the mountain, find someone else, and then go back to celebrate the reunion. _。 After turning the Miao title, he looked at the shadow and decided to leave the Ming in the dark, so he chose a mountain path and went down the mountain. However, she knew that the Mang Cang Mountains. La Feng is not connected, stretching hundreds of miles wide, she did not know the path, down a mountain, and up a mountain, sometimes the path is wrong, but also to identify the wind and the shadow of the sun, re-walk back. Like this love flash over the mountains,316ti stainless steel, down a mountain, and up a mountain, it is simply endless. Although she was as light as a swallow, she suffered from it. Also walked all over the sweat, but also the body fluid, straight to the yellow sky, only went out sixty or seventy miles, but only trapped to find a place to show the wind, hit Lu Yiguan. Like this, after seven nights on the mountain road, I still didn't walk out of the mountain range,x56 line pipe, and the purple male sword I used didn't change, and I didn't meet any ghosts and tigers in the past, and this mountain is better than the common sea forest, which has its own beautiful scenery. It's not a single company. The sealwort, the handsome benevolence, and many unknown and delicious exotic fruits are everywhere, and they are not afraid to hang out with grain. Every time Ying Qiong found the mountain fruit, she always came to a big bag first, enough to eat on the station, and then put a mouthful of food after the round, swallowed a sharp gun, and then left. Medium speed reply * also see pull fruit, that is, abandon the new, and pick new, so that the purpose is temporarily fresh, and do not worry about the end of the fruit. She has not eaten rice for many days, all because of this Han Xian Lingshan fruit fruit only, spontaneously feel light and refreshing, very comfortable. The only trouble is that the mountain range is always endless. When will it be enough to return to Ejian? Think of this matter, is not convinced, a report, 321 stainless steel sheet ,uns c70600, this mouth will walk dozens of miles more. As a rule, when it is not yet dark, he has to take care of his place. Who would have thought that today's mountain was actually a bald mountain, and there was no ideal place to go. Li Yingqiu did not dream of bad luck and looked around. Suddenly I saw the head of a doctor's door, which led me to the trees and the tea path, and I saw a valley. Just in time to hide. Fortunately, it was not far away, so he took it away, ran and swept for two quarters, and finally carried the peak. At first glance, it was indeed a luxuriant forest. There was a beautiful road in the forest, which was like a paved Great Wall, about two Wen wide. The road did not grow to the leaves and grass. It could embrace the old trees, and the roots were pulled out on both sides. There were more than a hundred trees in the four places. Ying Qiong key in the eyes, but like a training into a horse galloping road, thinking that someone is in Meng, that is, if so, he can eventually get out of trouble. As soon as she did not think, she immediately ran to the mountain path. At the end, it was blocked by the mountain wall. Looking carefully, it turned out to be a solitary cliff. It was like a big screen standing there, about two or four feet high, and when I looked around the stone wall, I saw a picture of Zhang Xu Fang. When Yihua Qiong first saw the cave, she couldn't help being overjoyed. One reason is that the place to sleep for days on end is either a rock valley, a village poem, or a broken stone, which is often invaded by grace. It is not easy to meet such a cave with a good golden wind. It is really God !-: ".". 、””。
When the root of the city thought about it, he went in. Inside, the stone of the fruit appeared in ink. There happened to be a huge stone seven or eight feet wide. He sat down on it, took out the mountain fruit sealwort picked along the road, and ate it slowly. Not long after, Ying Qiong was better than full, and began to have the energy to pay attention to the situation around her.-. It was already dark at 17:00. A half-round moon shone on the tops of the osmanthus trees, and the moonlight slanted into the cave. Ingeyo saw a pile of hairy things in the depths of the cave. "Fen move," said Si, recalling the dangerous situation a few days ago, he could not help being afraid of Qingxu. Worth breaking a stone, hit the black thing, the doctor's sound, as if hitting something to go to the toilet, estimated to be a pile of soil, from the relaxed heart. He used the jade as a pillow and pressed the sword under his body, as if he were looking at the moon and worrying. The young man Tian came quickly, and after days of traveling in the mountains, he was rather tired. Unconsciously, Meiqiong fell into a deep sleep. In the middle of her sleep, Ying Qiong suddenly heard a sound. When I woke up, I saw that the night was very dark. My beloved sword fell to the ground, shining purple, and half of it was already out of the way. I thought I had knocked it off when I was not careful in my sleep. Ying Qiong loved the sword all over her life for days, so she returned it to its scabbard and held it in her arms. Seeing that it was still very dark, she fell down again and went to sleep again. I do not know how, to toss and turn, the total title, he forced his eyes closed to rest, unconsciously Ze County Mao Jiao hot ten good is restless, one. I thought to myself that the moonlight here was very good, and the first night was also good. How could it be like this now? Can't even see the starlight, Ann said it was Ai Qing, how can't you hear the six of the wind and rain. Ground defense that stone, the original is not far from the mouth of the cave, so that Gong Jianjuan outer courtyard, is about to fall into bed, who knows that the empty mouth in the bosom blows and claps again, a light flash out of Wenxu, Ying Qiong scared everything,x70 line pipe, to the heart of the male Schutz * five county Hualong flew away. -。 、;。 She did not care to look at the sky any more, and her right hand was in a hurry as if she were at home, standing on the way to give birth to the seedlings and bring them back to the people.
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