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Natural Waste of Online Games (13th Jan 23 at 1:19am UTC)
Qiu Tian, who was so excited that he almost shed tears, carefully came to the broken house at the bottom of the sea to have a look. Although Qiu Tian learned the formation, Qiu Tian could do nothing about the mysterious formation set up by the Dragon Palace. Strolling at the bottom of the sea and about to collapse, Qiu Tian had already lost his patience at this time. He took out the Royal Dragon Fairy Sword from his belt. A huge flash of light flashed, and the additional skill on the sword, the matchless sword array, attacked the dilapidated thatched houses. There was a loud bang. The broken houses shook, and the surrounding sea was shaken, like a bomb thrown here, and the powerful force of the shock made Qiu Tian's body fly out. The Dragon King and others in the main hall of the Dragon Palace, as well as the thirteen and the fields in the room of the inner hall, almost lost their footing and fell to the ground in the face of the sudden standing east. An earthquake? The field held the table in surprise and steadied himself, and asked Shisan and Liufeng. How could there be an earthquake in the Dragon Palace. It's not a waste, is it? Liu Feng stared and said in amazement. Who is so bold as to attack my Dragon Palace? At this time, the Dragon King stood up with a livid face, things here are enough for him to be irritable, and now someone dares to fire directly at his Dragon Palace lair. How could the Dragon King, who always wanted to save face, not be angry? He stood up and walked out of the hall. The rest of the crowd looked at each other, curious that the unknown mysterious figure dared to attack the Dragon Palace, and followed them out. Novel net updates the fastest, registered users land every day to send Q coins, telephone charges are www.. Com That's awesome! Recommend bookmarking the previous chapter of the table of contents and the next chapter Warm tips: key around () around the page, up and down (↑ ↓) scroll up and down, enter key: return to the top of the table of contents, my bookshelf will be added to the bookshelf aftertaste library, please support! If you want to read more about the latest chapters of the novel, please return to the front page of the aftertaste library. Permanent address: Copyright ? Recall the stacks All rights reserved. Chapter 69 mixing into the interior. Aftertaste Library > Online Games Born Waste Table of Contents > Text Chapter 69 Mixed with Internal Search The Fastest Update of This Novel Aftertaste Library Book Introduction Chapter Table of Contents My Bookshelf Add Bookshelf Add Bookmark Recommended Book TXT Download Convert Traditional Select Background Color: Select Font Size: font 1 font 2 Font3 Chapter 69 of the main text mixes into the interior. Qiu Tian raised the Royal Dragon Fairy Sword in his hand and threw a matchless sword array skill in the past. (www.. With a loud bang, Qiu Tianzhen flew far away before stopping. Qiu Tian, who got up, rushed over to take a look. Depressingly, the thatched huts that looked like they were about to fall down were still standing there, and the matchless skills just now had no effect at all. Just when Qiu Tian was ready to be ruthless and took out the Jiuyi Tianzun Sword, with the thatched cottage as the center, Agate Slabs For Sale ,white marble slabs, the calm sea water showed violent fluctuations. Facing the ripples, the scope became larger and larger, and after the space transformation and distortion of time and space, a huge palace was displayed in front of Qiu Tian. Qiu Tian infatuated looking at the huge palace in front of the beautiful, unexpectedly a time to see the crazy, Qiu Tian has never seen such a gorgeous palace, as expected has the title of Crystal Palace. After a long time, Qiu Tiancai couldn't help sighing with emotion: "Damn, it's a broken donkey. You can't do anything without whipping." When Qiu Tian sighed with emotion and was about to walk towards the palace gate in front of him, several monsters suddenly came out of it. The first thing that came out of the magnificent palace gate was a monster with a dragon's head and a human body. When Qiu Tian saw him for the first time, he could not help exclaiming: "Dragon King!" After the Dragon King came out, several people followed him. When the Dragon King looked angrily at Qiu Tian, Qiu Tian was looking at several people standing behind the Dragon King.
A cute teenage boy with a metal ring on his shoulder was looking at him appreciatively. There was also an old man standing together, and one of them, Qiu Tian, knew Tian yuan Tianzun, who had taken away his eggs. The other old man looked about the same, but he was looking at himself with a scabbard sword on his back. The eyes of the three men were strange, and Qiu Tian turned to look at the lives of several other strange-looking people who did not know whether they were human beings or monsters. Qiu Tian took a look, did not continue to look, the heart cursed the game world is so small, a handsome middle-aged man is staring at himself angrily, look like that, like to tear Qiu Tian in general. Hehe, the Dragon King is good, the elder Tian yuan is good, the elder Tianming Jiaolong King is good, and the other elders are good. Hello, everyone. Looking at these people staring at themselves, Qiu Tian was extremely nervous and did not expect to meet his enemies here. Are you too bad? So many enemies? Qiu Tian glanced again at Tian yuan Tian Zun and Ba, who had killed people with their eyes, and murmured in his heart. Who are you that dares to attack my Dragon Palace in the East China Sea? The Dragon King looked at Qiu Tian, who was laughing, and said angrily. Speaking at the same time, the body of the killing machine, Qi has been tightly locked in Qiu Tian, as long as a start, will be able to ensure that Qiu Tian immediately blood-stained here. Fortunately, so many people were present,Calacatta Nano Glass, and the good face of the Dragon King was embarrassed to kill a younger generation without saying a word. Elder Dragon King! Are you the elder of the Dragon King? My God. Qiu Tian obviously felt that the dragon king's breath suddenly became extremely fierce, hurriedly exaggerated shouted. I am the Dragon King of the East China Sea. If you don't give me a reasonable explanation today, I will let you know what regret is! The Dragon King ignored Qiu Tian's shouting and said ferociously to Qiu Tian.
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