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Seal Throne _ _ Infinite Fiction Network _ www.55x (13th Jan 23 at 1:19am UTC)
A shrill hissing sound came from a corner of the battlefield, and a tall figure suddenly rotated half a circle in the air, and then smashed down to the ground. A dark green figure ran after him like a ghost, and because of the speed, his body looked completely illusory. But in the process of falling, there are a series of cracks behind the body that break the space. It was Sima Xian who fell from the sky, and it was Parr, the lightning demon God of the tenth pillar of the Demons, who was chasing after him. Sima Xian from the left shoulder has been extended to the right side of the waist, there is an amazing scar, his body's heavy armor was almost cut through, there is faint blood oozing. Moreover, his breath also appears to be very weak, the original fierce spirit is gone. Only the bald head is still shining. Although his body was cut off by the lightning demon Parr, he still held the chain of the powerful pill of light tightly in his hand. His body was about to hit the ground. The struggle between the lightning demon Parr and Sima Xian has been going on for half a day. Sima Xian, with the power of the purple magic thunder furnace, barely withstood Parr's attack with the coverage of lightning. But Parr is famous for his overbearing attacks among the Demons, and his strength is indeed above Sima Xian. But in the demon God,Calacatta Quartz Slab, this lightning demon God Parr and the snake gun demon God Eligo relations are very close, may say is the best friend. Parr was watching Eligo died under the attack of Lin Xin, but at that time he was completely entangled by Sima Xian with the power of thunder and lightning, and ultimately failed to rescue. Eligo's death also let Parr red eyes, no longer care to preserve the strength, directly used the magic deification, instantly in the strength of the comprehensive suppression of Sima Xian,White Marble Mosaic, with terrible attack and speed, finally broke through the defense line of Sima Xian, mercilessly a sickle cut in the chest of SiMaXian. Had it not been for the defense of epic armor, I'm afraid this knife would have cut Sima Xian directly into two sections. Parr's forelimbs are exactly the same as those of a mantis, and his lower body has four legs and a pair of thin wings on his back. Once unfolded, he not only flies very fast, but also is especially good at changing direction in the air. His way of attack is a bit like the Shura Chop used by Long Haochen and several strong hunters in the Dawn of Light. Moreover, he has a sharp edge similar to Shura Chop at every level. Once hit, it is a heavy blow. Dark green flashes, if the naked eye can catch them, Parr starts from the wings behind him, and an eerie green is extending forward at an alarming rate, grey marble slab ,Silver Travertine Slabs, not only from the wings, but also from the four legs. In the end, the eerie green was concentrated on his forelimbs. This is Parr's realm, the realm of the broken. Put all your power on top of your destructive power. Enhance the sharpness. He can not only greatly enhance his offensive power in this field, but also have the ability to cut through the opponent's field. It can be said that it is a very special but very powerful field. To be able to rank in the top ten of the seventy-two pillars of demons, how can his cultivation be weak? Eligo's death completely enraged Parr, and he was going to take Sima Xian as the first sacrifice under the attack of his broken domain, and after killing Sima Xian, he would go to avenge the snake gun demon God Eligo. There is no doubt that the tenth pillar of the Demons went all out to launch a fatal blow. Now Sima Xian has fallen into an extreme crisis. But. If Parr is familiar with the Morningside of Light, he should understand that the Morningside of Light is among its members. The cooperation between them has always been very tacit. However, why in the face of such a crisis in Sima Xian, Cai'er did not launch the flash domain. And when he was attacked just now, the life sharing effect of the soul chain did not appear? Unfortunately, Parr is not familiar with this, and he is also the first member of the Dawn of Light Hunting Group to face on the battlefield. There was no panic in Sima Xian's eyes, and the powerful pill of light was held tightly in his hand. Falling from the sky, only two breaths, he had hit the ground hard, because the previous attack of Parr was strong enough, plus the powerful pill of light and his own weight. This made his body completely embedded in the ground.
And Parna used a pair of mantis knives from the broken domain to fall from the sky, with a strange green light, to cut Sima Xian's body. I'm going to take him apart. Just as Sima Xian was about to perish under the attack of Parr, suddenly, a strange scene appeared. Sima Xian chest, suddenly lit up a white light, a white angel pattern quietly appeared in the position of his chest armor. There were obvious tears on the beautiful angel's face. A pair of clear eyes seem to be filled with endless sadness. At the next moment when the angel appeared, a figure appeared quietly in front of Sima Xian. A huge shield also blocked the lightning demon God falling from the sky. Keng, Keng- "Two explosions shook the four fields.". Under the influence of the broken domain and the demon deification, the sudden figure was directly split by the lightning demon God Parr. However, he also succeeded in saving Sima Xian, and Parr split his opponent. It is also a slight rebound. He failed to continue to hit Sima Xian, who was embedded in the ground. And, just now, when he hit his opponent's shield. What Parr saw were two bizarre images. One is the same sad angel as Sima Xian's chest, while the other is a horrible devil. These two images appear on the shield, each occupying half of the area, resulting in a strange scene of the shield half white and half black. Splitting the knight with the shield, Parr clearly saw that the demon image on the shield had become illusory, and a shadow seemed to come out of the shield and fall on him. Because he was going all out to attack at that time, he could not stop and dodge, so even if he felt something was wrong,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, he could only bear the attack of getting the shadow while splitting the opponent. What's wrong? Parr heart surprised at the same time hastened to urge their own spiritual power, trying to invade the body of the enemy forces dispersed. But he immediately realized that it was totally futile to do so, because he did not feel any energy invading himself.
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