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Forsaken Desire -a Final Fantasy VII RPG :: Welcome :: About Us :: It is clear that the world is bright and proud. - View Topic
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It is clear that the world is bright and proud. (13th Jan 23 at 1:19am UTC)
Lu Xiu's voice is as light as a filament, but it is enough to penetrate Lu Li's internal organs. Is it already broken? He knew what it meant, but he kept proving it again and again. "This is.." What do you mean What does that mean? He knows. "That is to say-" Lu Xiudun, suddenly turned around, glaring at the expressionless face of Lu Li, the voice almost shattered every pillar, "she is dead, dead, bastard-I said she is dead-" Lu Xiu finished and fell heavily by the window, half leaning on the windowsill, which was the first time he had cursed. It turns out that he can also curse the Eight Kings who always greet people with a smile, always smiling warmly like him, but he is so hysterical in front of many people. Lu Li seemed to be stunned for a long time before he breathed a sigh of relief and said softly, "Really?" Lu Xiu raised his head, a face of tears, he is not easy to cry, the last time tears are when, he does not remember. Are you in pain now? But-I am very painful, you can not give her, I want to give her, but you do not even leave me a chance-I am not selfish enough to try to have her-at least you can let her live, let me look at her smile, look at her- Lu Xiu can no longer control, for a long time, he has been enduring,White Marble Slabs, lonely growth in the palace under no one's gaze, ignored by his father and mother, blindly retreat, blindly avoid, until the girl, she came to his world, she came to him like this, to his heart.. When she gently held his hand in Qingfeng Lou and accompanied him with a bright smile, she swaggered into his heart. He never wanted to possess her,Porcelain Marble Slabs, as long as she promised to allow him to accompany her, he did not care who she loved, who she wanted to accompany for a lifetime. As long as he can accompany her, even if he looks at her quietly in the distance. He never expected, as long as she still smiled at him. That's all. Once again, the door was blown open by the wind, the wind penetrated, and Lu Li suddenly sat. When he learned that she was going to be in danger, he had already come in a hurry, but it was still too late. Her skill, will not have the slightest mistake, perhaps, she wants to die under that person's sword. He couldn't guess the woman's mind. Since when did she decide.. Maybe from the time she smiled and said she could marry him, but she couldn't love him. There was a dead silence in the room, except for the low sobs of a few ladies. He was not as excited as Lu Xiu, and he knew that they would meet again sooner or later. After completing her entrustment, he will accompany her. When the sword was poured into her body, Slate Wall Panel ,white marble mosaic, he had already decided. Why is it so dead in broad daylight?! Will the living and the dead come out to meet me? Enchanting voice sounded, in addition to Lu Li, everyone can not help but look. What a beautiful woman, tall and thin figure in the dazzling light, that kind of determined beauty, simply tear her heart and lungs, she moved lightly, slowly to the bedside. "Don't touch her," Lu Li's voice was still cold. The woman glanced at him, laughed, and probed the woman on the bed without a care. "Broken?" The woman frowns a tight, and quickly flat, slowly sitting on the edge of the bed, sighing: "What a pity..." Really is not the ordinary woman, only took a look, then knew that the heart pulse already broke. "This girl always bothers me." The woman picked up the person on the bed, stared at the woman's cold lips, smiled gently, and the attractive red lips slowly came up. The people in the hall looked at it in a daze. Rong Zhaozhi's face was slightly bloodied and quickly faded. The woman stroked the wound and her eyes shook for a moment. Why don't you hold your breath every time. He refused to leave room for himself. A faint sigh. Suture, apply medicine, bandage.. Seemingly at one go, the woman was as satisfied as if she had finished an embroidery, smiling faintly, looking at the person on the bed, with a trace of love in her eyes, wiping the fine sweat on her temples.. People secretly look at this woman, extraordinary medical skills, but what is her purpose.
That night, Lu Li sat motionless on the edge of the bed, staring at whether there was any change in the people on the bed, and the woman who had never closed her eyes rested on the table with her head propped up in her hand. When she woke up at dawn, she stepped forward, looked at the people on the bed, and stared at Lu Li. "You go and rest for a while." The woman opened her lips lightly. "I'm not tired." If I save your life. How do you reward me? "Suit yourself!" "Really?" The corner of the eye lightly swept Lu Li, this woman faintly smiled, I do not know how many men can be fascinated by this smile. "I'm not in the mood to lie to you!" The man's body trembled and his eyes became cold. The woman is gently blocking him at the moment. Behind the warm jade warm fragrance, the woman's tender with her long hair scattered in front of him. "You.." He asked in a low voice. Suddenly, the woman's hand from the back of her neck to the front of her slowly unbuttoned one of his clothes. He was so busy that he grabbed the collar. "What are you doing?" "I-want-you" the woman blows the man's ear gently, the charming light smile, in his ear gently tunnel: "You seem … … A little girl to be raped. She turned gently from behind him and fell into his arms, looking into his eyes. When she leaned against his arms, she had already unbuttoned three of his clothes. He finally stood up and left her behind. "Stop it, Nangong." With his back to her, his voice was cold. "I don't like men, and I don't like men like women!" The woman smiled. Don't play with this fool. In the air, what is the smell, light, the smell of peach blossoms. Faint and faint Swaying peach blossoms, falling petals one by one The petals are sprinkled with youth, and the sadness runs over the long years. Walking along the path, under the most blooming peach tree, stood a young man in white. On one side of him was a little girl. The figure was very familiar. Peach-colored clothes and white snow jade hung around my waist. It seemed to be young me. The young man in white took a petal and smiled softly, "Falling flowers offer sacrifices to eternity, falling away silently, where to find rebirth?" The little girl smiled,Marble Granite Price, "Brother, are you the fairy under the peach tree?"? It turns out that men can also be fairies. He fixed a smile, "my name is Xiao Xuan." Little girl.
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