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Three-line cycle (13th Jan 23 at 1:16am UTC)
She retreated to the slightly harder ground, put down the water ghost bag, took out the rubber gloves from it, put them on, took out the military shovel, assembled them, heaved a sigh of relief, and began to dig the grave on the ground. After digging two shovels, suddenly unable to hold back, a bad breath from the chest, she suddenly got up, a few steps down the quagmire rushed to the side of the boat, raised the military shovel, vent against the hull of the ship. The mouth of the shovel collided violently with the hull of the glass steel, making a harsh sound, which startled many birds, flapping and flying among the trees, the hull was smashed to one side, and the black ghost curled up, his head almost buried out of sight. Smashing, Yi Sa suddenly stopped. She saw black blood vessels bulging up on her hands, blood flowing fast inside, and reached out to touch her face, which seemed to be the same, one by one, like twisted roots. Yi Sa threw down the army shovel, stumbled up the thick muddy mud, rushed to the riverbank a few steps, knelt on the ground, and nervously reached out to push aside the dense green algae on the river. In the slightly shaking reflection,gear reduction motor, her face was covered with twisted black protuberances, ugly, ferocious, and gloomy. Yi Sa stroked his chest, inhaled and exhaled as calmly as he could, and then murmured to his reflection. "Don't be angry, don't be angry, it's not good to be angry." "It doesn't matter. It's not a big deal. There's a way to solve it." "Smile. It's not hard. Take your time." She smiled at the reflection in the water, not once, but twice. At first,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, the smile was horrible, and the twisted shadow of the water made her palpitate. Then she slowly stretched, and in the end, the black blood vessels bulged and finally disappeared. Yi Sa wiped the sweat from his forehead, and the sweat was cold. She collected herself and walked back. After picking up the military shovel and carefully touching the boat and the mud, Yi Sa moved the skeleton to the hard ground, looked at the pelvis and teeth wear, and estimated the height, which should be bald. She continued to dig the grave. Dig, look at the basket-sized pit, and look at the bald bones, suddenly sad. Chen Tuo likes big, the house that live is big, the boat that drive also wants big, so small pit closes bone, too wronged him. She dug out a new flat, long, rectangular, coffin-shaped one, and then sent the bones in. At least it'll stretch him out. After piling up the grave, Yi Sa put three sticks of incense in the grave. She thought it was a bit ridiculous: at first it was just a vague assumption, Small Dc Gear Motor ,Small Geared Motors, but it really followed the clues and came up with an ironclad result. But this result is not enough to convict Ding Qi. Because everything is speculation, there is no direct evidence pointing to Ding Qi, and there are still doubts: what is his motive for doing so? Also, she did not find the body of Zong Hang, if Ding Qi killed, why not dump the body together? When the first three sticks of incense were burned out, Yi Sa added three more sticks. He felt it necessary to explain a few words to Chen Tuo: In the past, when I chatted with him, I covered up each other and only talked about three points. Now I shouldn't have to hide. He's dead. Dead people, he should understand everything you say. Yi Sa said, "Chen Heji, you are wronged to lie down here first. If you die, you should hide it from the outside world first, so that I can do things conveniently." Just like the old man Ma, he kept pretending that he didn't know that Ma You was dead. She also needs to pretend to be stupid and paralyze some people. I suspect Ding Qi most now, but without strong evidence, I can't ask him for punishment. You may not know that we have three surnames of water ghosts. In fact, no one is convinced. Each surname is entrenched in a big river, each doing its own business, each eating its own rice, on the surface polite, colorful plastic flower friendship, in fact, think highly of themselves, in private, look down on each other, it is precisely because of this, she dares to choke Ding Changsheng, Ding Changsheng also dares not sell her water ghost face. I'll start with Ding Qi, but I can't go back to China right away. If I go back suddenly, it will arouse suspicion. It's better to have a suitable time. But you can rest assured that I will give you an explanation when we are neighbors. Having said that, Yi Sa was in a trance. If he had not asked Chen Tuo to help Ding Qi set up a bed at home, then all this might not have happened.
Chen Tuo has experienced a lot of things, and has seen many examples of people on the road who did not end well. The older they are, the less courage they have. When they drink and chat together, they often tell her to mind her own business, not to force her to stand out, and to hide if she can. Peace is a blessing. Yi Sa lowered his head and reached out to wipe the mud on his ankles-after working for a long time, the mud on his legs was dry and hardened. Cut off a piece, the edge of the chapped down, revealing the two words on the ankle. Go to hell. Some doom can't be avoided. When the boat approached the floating village, it was almost noon, and the diesel oil ran out and the fire went out. Yi Sa got up to add oil to the propeller. When he finished, he suddenly thought of something. He was not in a hurry to start it. He dialed Long Song's phone first. Take advantage of the opportunity to kick the black ghost into the water: "You are dirty, wash yourself." In fact, she is dirtier than Wu Gui. When the phone was dialed, she gave her name: "Long Song, I know you work in a hotel. There are many friends in the industry. Do me a favor and I can pay you.". Check the past 40 days of accommodation records, looking for a man named Ding Qi, 'Moraine' word is relatively raw, is a stone plus a word of responsibility. "I want to know where he lives. If it's convenient, help me ask the waiter if anyone remembers who he has been in contact with since he stayed." After hanging up the phone, she drove the boat to Chen Tuo's boathouse, took a bath by his water heater, changed clean clothes, and was wiping her hair with a towel when Long Song's phone came back. Yi Sa pressed down to answer. Long Song said: "Miss Yi, quite coincidentally, this Ding Qi, before staying in our Angkor Hotel, then checked out, may be to travel elsewhere.". When we went back to Siem Reap, we probably felt that our service was not good, so we went to Pamela Resort, and he ordered massage service in both hotels. At this point,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, he felt it necessary to explain to Yi Sa: "In our regular hotels, even if the massage girls are contacted by the guests themselves, they have to register when they arrive at the hotel.." 。
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