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Weirdos (14th Feb 23 at 2:10am UTC)
Sheng was about to gag the old lady again when the walkie-talkie suddenly rang and Gao's voice rang. The cops are coming! They're heading your way! Sheng and I looked at each other. Danger, we have to hide quickly! A Sheng's voice did not fall, the old woman suddenly shouted at the top of her voice: "Police, help!" " I didn't expect a dying old man to make such a loud sound. A Sheng rushed over to stop her mouth, but it was too late, and the door of the entrance had already been knocked. Let's go! I opened the window next to me and jumped out. Ah Sheng picked up the mattress and followed me closely. We fled in panic in the narrow alley, but we heard footsteps approaching behind us. It was two policemen, chasing us with all their might. 3 The clock pointed to nine o'clock at night. I turned on the TV, and now the international news is playing. I'm afraid it will be two days before the news of your crime is broadcast. Nanbo Shengjiu muttered in a low voice. Don't I know? "Cut the crap!" I growled as if to vent. Nanbo sighed and closed his eyes. I took out the cigarette case and shook it, and there was only one left. I lit the fire, took a deep breath, and looked around the room to see a framed black-and-white photograph hanging on the wall. It was a group photo of a baseball team. Judging from the style of the uniform,Alumina Ceramic C795, this picture is some years old. Are you in the picture? Hearing my question, Nanbo opened his eyes. Don't you allow me to say superfluous words? "Answer my question!" The blade sparkled. Nanbo glanced at the photo and answered curtly, "Yes." I approached and looked at it carefully. I saw a young player wearing a No.5 Jersey with eyebrows and eyes like Nanbo in front of him, but he was much stronger. You were a third baseman? I asked. Pretty good "This doesn't seem to have been taken in high school, does it?" "It's a university." Bah,Ceramic Bobbin, I spat. You are really something to go to college. Baseball suits you. "I was really lucky, but I also suffered a lot." "You're so lucky!" My voice was a mixture of hatred and jealousy. "How long did you fight after that?" "I won't play when I'm a sophomore." "Why is that?" I hurt my elbow and I can't throw the ball anymore. My original goal was to become a professional player, but I couldn't achieve it. "Really, what a relief!"! Not everything in this world can be satisfactory. "That's what I thought at the time." Nanbo said quietly in a deep voice. His calm demeanor, which was coerced by a knife-wielding gangster, made me panic at that moment. Well, baseball or anything else, after all, 10g Ozone Generator ,ceramic igniter electrodes, is just a game. Life, life goals, are of no use at all. After listening to my words, the wave paused a little before he opened his mouth and said: You're right. Those things are really stupid. But I couldn't live without baseball anyway, so after I retired — "Shut up!" I brandished my knife and glared at his face. I'm not interested in your later experience. Don't say those useless things! In the face of my aggressive posture, the wave did not show fear of the application, but seemed at a loss. After half a ring, the old man said feebly, "You're right. Those are really useless." He sniffed and turned his eyes to the TV screen. The news is reporting the corruption of politicians. It's so annoying to play these old things all day long! I grabbed the remote control on the table and fidgeted through the channels, each of which was boring. Turning back to the news channel I watched at the beginning, I saw a line of rolling subtitles of "Several knife-wielding gangsters robbed the old man's house in XX City and were on the way to escape" appearing at the bottom of the screen. I leaned over and turned up the volume. …… Two male robbers disguised as salesmen broke into Yamada's home. They tied up the old man and robbed him of 20 million yuan in cash placed in the closet. Yamada's neighbor noticed something unusual and contacted the police in time.
The police who arrived quickly gave chase to the two robbers and captured one of them a few minutes later. The suspect named Zhongdao Sheng, 21 years old, now living in OO City, is a mahjong casino clerk, all stolen goods in the hands of the suspect Zhongdao. Near the scene of the crime, the police also found a young man holding a wireless walkie-talkie. The police suspect that the man is an accomplice of the two robbers and are investigating him. As expected, Ah Sheng was caught, and even Ah Gao was not spared. I was vaguely aware that it was only a matter of time before I was arrested. The scum of our society can't even be a robber. The newscaster continued: "According to the confession of the suspect Zhongdao, another suspect named Qin Zefeng, 20 years old, is a clerk in a marble shop in 00 city.". It is reported that some citizens witnessed that the suspect Qin Ze was still staying in XX city.. I turned off the TV. There was a dead silence in the room, and even the air was so heavy that I couldn't breathe. The humming of the fluorescent lamp made me upset. I took out the carton of milk from the refrigerator and didn't bother to pour it into the cup, so I drank it on my back. Then he wiped the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand and exhaled heavily. When I came to my senses, I saw Nanbo staring at me. What are you staring at me for? I said, "I got dirt on my face?" You.. Surname Qin Ze? "Yes, so what?" "Nothing." Nanbo shook his head and his eyes fell on the table. After a while, he raised his head stealthily again, but as soon as he came into my sight, he looked away in a panic. He didn't remember,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, I thought, but immediately denied the speculation. The old man can't remember me. After all, he had already done that kind of thing thousands or tens of thousands of times. 4。
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